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Northumberland06-06-2023AnnounceHeading back up to Northumberland in a few weeks time to continue the assault on the mountains in that region. There are plenty to go at and unfortunately well spaced out so the bag will not be as big as it has been on previous trips but that is the nature of the game.
Trip summary21-05-2023AnnounceSeveral days in Yorkshire, the Lakes and Northumberland added no less than 35 mountains to the bag. The weather could not have been better and the enjoyment could not have been higher.
Northumberland19-05-2023TextOver to Northumberland for an attack on the Black Fell area. Three mountains climbed in tough terrain with no paths, they were Black Fell (664m), Tom Smiths Stone Top (637m) and Grey Nag (656m). A real contrast to the Lakes. Did not see a single person all day.
Lakes Day 418-05-2023TextAnother good day out in the mountains. This was the big climb day with the two highest mountains I had not climbed; Great End and Esk Pike. I managed the five planned, plus I bagged the two Seathwaite Fell tops as they were too close to resist! Remaining mountains is now under 80. Peaks bagged were; Lingmell (800m), Middleboot Knots (703m), Round How (741m), Great End (910m), Esk Pike (885m), Seathwaite Fell South Top (631m), Seathwaite Fell (632m)
Lakes Day 317-05-2023TextThe biggest mileage day today included Seatallan (692m), Haycock (797m), Little Gowder Crag (733m), Caw Fell (690m) and finally Iron Crag (640m), followed by seven miles back to Wasdale Hall YHA. Another five peaks brings my remaining total down to just 86 peaks! The current plan is still working! One more day in the lakes, then off to Northumberland.
Lakes Day 216-05-2023TextA good day out in the Wasdale are saw me conquer no less than eight peaks; Yewbarrow(628m), Stirrup Crag (616m), Red Pike (826m), Little Scoat Fell (841m), Steeple (819m), Black Crag (828m), Pillar (892m), Looking Stead (627m). Weather was mixed as was the terrain. Now down to just 91 peaks to go.
Lakes Day 115-05-2023TextFirst of four days in the Lake District. Eight new peaks; Pike of Blisco (705m), Cold Pike (701m), Cold Pike West Top (683m), Cold Pike Far West Top (670m), Great Knott (696m), [Bow Fell (902m)], Bow Fell North Top (866m), Rossett Pike (651m), Loft Crag (680m) including one revisit (Bow Fell) made for a long and tiring day out, but it has bought my total 2000' peaks remaining to just under 100, actually, 99.
Yorkshire nearly done14-05-2023TextAnother assault on Yorkshire Peaks, this time, four peaks in the Great Shunner region. 17km of walking bagged Lunds Fell [Sails] (667m), Hugh Seat (689m), Archy Styrig [Gregorys Chapel] (695m) and High Seat (709m). The start/finish was the tiny village of Outhgill. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be as successful.
Jagged Globe meetup13-05-2023TextDay 1 of the latest trip was a visit to the Peak District to meetup with guys from Jagged Globe and other clients booked on their trips. We had a walk and a talk near Burbage which went well, with excellent weather. We finished quite early and not wanting to go back to the hotel too early, I took another walk up to Stanage Edge to watch the climbers. Great day out.
Lake District assault07-05-2023TextBig plans for my next trip with no less than 33 mountains pencilled in during a week long expedition to the Lake District. I will be mostly walking in the Wasdale area, but have a walk planned in Langdale and also one on the way up in the Great Shunner region and one on the way back near Alston. It is a big ask...reports to follow.
High Street mountain bagging06-05-2023TextTo the East of Patterdale lies the High Street group of mountains and an area I have not touched, apart from Kidsty Pike many years ago on the Coast to Coast walk. A couple of days with remarkably good weather, netted me no less than 13 peaks.
Cheeky Mountains29-04-2023TextAn opportunity of a free trip to the Lake District for a couple of days was irrestible so in the very near future I will be completing the Coniston group of mountains and bagging a few in the High Street area (North East of Ambleside roughly). Looking forward to it.
Lake District May 202325-04-2023TextWith Hadrians Wall out of the way, I can concentrate on my next trip which will be mid-May to the Lake District and Northumberland. On the way I will be stopping off in Sheffield for the Jagged Globe Welcome Weekend where we get to meet other members of our expedition teams, watch a presentation by JG staff and have a couple of outings to the Peak District for walks/talks.
The finish14-04-2023Photohadrian26.jpg
The Escarpment10-04-2023Photohadrian16.jpg
A good section of wall10-04-2023Photohadrian12.jpg
Starting the wall08-04-2023Photohadrian02.jpg
Burtree Fell15-04-2023TextA cheeky mountain on the way home from Hadrians Wall. It's not much of a peak and from the car park, is just 40m of ascent, but after a hard week walking Hadrians Wall, I felt I deserved an easy bag.
Hadrians Wall Summary16-04-2023TextHadrians Wall is a walk of three sections. A boring day and a half along roads or very close to roads, then some interesting walking in hilly country with plenty of Roman interest, then a dull final two days with lots more road or paths adjacent to roads, culminating in a tedious walk into, through and out of Newcastle.

Would I do it again? Definitely not. Did I enjoy it? The middle section yes, the rest, not really. I’m glad I did it, but there are a lot of much better walks of similar or greater distance that barely touch a road. Surely a walk like this could find a better way? I appreciate it follows the course of Hadrians Wall, but given that it is not seen for more than half the walk anyway, a better route could be devised?
Hadrians Wall Day 614-04-2023TextFinal day was a tedious walk along the riverside following cycling route 72 all the way to Segedunum. With hindsight I should have finished there, but I’d planned to walk to Arbeia which involved about four miles along the river on more tarmac, then the ferry to South Shields and a final mile to the seafront.
Hadrians Wall Day 513-04-2023TextDay 5 saw me walking from Portgate into Newcastle following the edge of a road. The path is separated from the road but for the most part within 10-15 metres so there is constant road noise. This is a long way from my ideal walking country and if anything made me wish I’d done it East to West, at least I would have got this out of the way early. Oh well!
Hadrians Wall Day 412-04-2023TextAfter a rest day, I felt much better and was looking forward to the day. Unfortunately snow and very cold wind in the morning, and an afternoon of constant rain was disappointing. The walk went from interesting to fairly dull walking and I was pleased to see the end. Hopefully the walk into Newcastle tomorrow will be better. Still, 18 miles or almost 30km with 900m of ascent made for a tough day.
Hadrians Wall Day 310-04-2023TextDay 3 was Birdoswald to Steel Rigg. A claimed 15km which turned out to be 17.6km. It got distinctly undulating compared to the previous couple of days with over 600m of climbing but a maximum height of just 340m. The weather has taken a distinct turn for the worse with frequent showers and a noticeable drop in temperature compared to previous days. Tomorrow is a rest day so looking forward to that, then I’m back to it for the second half.
Hadrians Wall Day 209-04-2023TextAnother fine day, Carlisle to Birdoswald, which is a shade under 29km. It was chillier than yesterday but still pleasant and thankfully no rain. A more interesting day with some nice countryside, some actual wall to see and even a hill to climb. Birdoswald is a good place to finish with the Roman site to visit, although that will be tomorrow, but equally importantly, a cafe selling excellent coffee and cookies!
Hadrians Wall Day 108-04-2023TextFinally I am on Hadrians Wall! It is great to be walking it and the weather is very kind at the moment. Today was Bowness to Carlisle, a walk of 24km. Unfortunately it will be tomorrow afternoon before I see any of the actual wall. The main feature of today was a lot of road walking. Never mind, it has to be done.
Fell Head07-04-2023TextJust one hour and ten minutes for the final peak in the Howgills: Fell Head (640m). A glorious day with views over the Lake District and to the coast, plus the entire Howgills range made the steep ascent well worth it. The drive to the start was interesting, with not only narrow lanes but a bridge that literally was so narrow, there were just a couple of inches either side of the car, and took some serious nerve to cross.
Hadrians Wall06-04-2023TextLooking forward to Hadrians Wall. It's been on my bucket list for years so cannot wait to get going. I also have a sneaky plan to take in a few 2,000 foot peaks, Fell Head in the Howgills on the way up, then one of several routes on the way back, depending on how I feel. The weather forecast is looking good for the week, but we know what that means!
Attempted ascent of Glaramara14-03-2023Photoglaramara02.jpg
Attempted ascent of Glaramara14-03-2023Photoglaramara01.jpg
Final day success16-03-2023TextAfter several days with little to show for it, my final day of the trip yielded some success with ascents of Clough Head (726m) and Calf Top (610m). Both walks were in dreadful conditions which was a shame because I am sure the views would have made the climbs worthwhile.
Sprinklings Tarn15-03-2023TextGaining any summit was going to be hard so I decided I would walk up towards Sprinklings Tarn from Seathwaite following Grains Gill and Stockley Bridge and see how far I got. The answer was as far as the big wall on Great End, where it became a White Out. I continued for a short while but retreated as there was no view and no likelihood of one, plus there was some serious walls and edges and I didn’t want to lose my bearings. It will all still be there in the summer.
The art of Mountaineering14-03-2023TextPart of being a good mountaineer is planning a route, checking conditions and making a safe ascent and descent. Part of being a good mountaineer is knowing when to back off. Today I’d planned Glaramara again and headed up towards Coombe Head in snowy but good conditions. As I approached the ascent at the end, the snow came down and the visibility and general conditions deteriorated. I decided to back off. As an alternative I walked up the Honister Pass to the cafe passing one abandoned car after another. Today was not a mountain day.
Coldbarrow13-03-2023TextThe plan for today was Glaramara but after having been literally blown off my feet a couple of times on the ascent, I retreated and went for the safer Coldbarrow and Ullscarf ascents. The weather was truly awful, probably the worst wind and weather I have ever known, combined with no footpath for part of it and flooded footpaths on the way down made for a tough day out.
Howgills Horror12-03-2023TextSeemed so simple on paper. Pop up to the Howgills, bag a few peaks and off. Maybe I’m still suffering the effects of my man flu but I found it really hard going. The rubbish weather didn’t help and I ended up missing out on one of the peaks and was really glad to be off.
Man Flu27-02-2023TextWell, it had to happen I suppose. My trip to North Wales has had to be put on hold due to a severe case of man-flu. I suppose I cannot complain really, it is the first cold in about five years.
May in the Lakes25-02-2023TextI have three trips already planned, but that is not enough for me so I am working on a trip to the Lakes in May to bag yet more mountains. There are still plenty to go at, but by the middle of the year, all being well, I will definitely be getting the better of them.
Hadrians Wall25-02-2023TextHadrians Wall is something I have wanted to walk for many years and finally 2023 is when I will get to do it. Easter time is the chosen week. I will have my trusty companion Rosie for the entire walk, no doubt she will do double! Look out for a full report.
Mount Ararat25-01-2023TextWell, I have decided on my 2023 adventure! I have signed up to go to Turkey to climb Mount Ararat with Jagged Globe. It is not until September so plenty of time for training which will work well as I have big plans for mountain climbing this year so hopefully will be fit for it.
Higher Shelf Stones19-10-2022Photohighershelfstones.jpg
Looking to Fountains Fell08-02-2023Photoyorkshirefeb2303.jpg
Great Whernside07-02-2023Photoyorkshirefeb2302.jpg
On Cleeve Hill17-01-2023Photomickrosie.jpg
Sneaky Wales18-02-2023TextWell, just when I thought the next trip would be mid-March, an opportunity presented itself for a sneaky cheeky day out to North Wales. I've got ten peaks to climb in the Carneddau with one of the walks accounting for six of those ten. All being well, I'll be able to do that at the end of the month. That will be awesome - stay tuned!
Yorkshire success16-02-2023TextFourteen mountains climbed plus one repeat of Pen y Gent was an excellent start to the 2023 campaign. All reports written, all photos filed and now to look forward to the next trip which will be to the Lake District in March where I have identified routes that will bag me over 25 mountains. Of course, it is easy to armchair plan, we will see how it works out.
Birks Fell09-02-2023TextYockenthwaite Moor (642m) and Birks Fell (610m) were todays conquests. Another cold and windy, but dry day. The walk was definitely of two halves with a huge drop down to the valley between them. The distance was similar to previous days, as was the overall height gain which is interesting, given that there were only two mountains today, whereas yesterday there were four.
Pen y Gent08-02-2023TextA walk of two halves today. First half was Pen y Gent and Plover Hill, followed by a monster descent and ascent of Darnbrook Fell. Fountains Fell was relatively easy by comparison. The day started misty but cleared to sunshine but was very cold and very windy. Four new peaks and one revisit from about 40 years ago! Brings my total for the year to ten and total overall to 303.
Great Whernside07-02-2023TextGreat Whernside and Buckden Pike today. 12 miles overall with almost 800m of ascent. Total for 2023 is now 6 and overall 299. Can’t wait for tomorrow to get 300!
Wild Boar Fell06-02-2023TextA tough day out of 16 miles with barely a single path. Four peaks bagged, the first of 2023, bringing my total to 297 overall.

Felt really tired at the end but satisfied with the day.
Cleeve Hill sunshine17-01-2023TextIt was a cold morning but it was clear and in the sunshine not too bad. Me and the pupster walked from the Rising Sun over to Belas Knapp and back via the Cotswold Way on the way out and Cleeve Common on the way back. About 8 miles and a lovely day out.
Paramo lets me down07-11-2022TextAfter 2 1/2 days of more or less constant rain, my Paramo jacket let me down badly, getting soaked through on each of the days. It used to be a great garment and I have washed it in accordance with the recommendations without success, I guess they just do not last.
More Waterproofs10-01-2023TextWell, another year, another go! After my Paramo jacket let me down so badly in the Lake District a couple of months ago, I've been looking for something new and was impressed by Helly Hansens latest offering, the wonderfully named: Odin 9 worlds infinity jacket. Apparently it is 100% waterproof forever and never needs treating - watch this space!
Lake District Trip09-01-2023TextDue to some great YHA bargains, I have booked a few days at Borrowdale YH which is ideally placed for some great walks in the Lake District. No plans in place but I am hoping to come back with double figures of mountains climbed.
Yorkshire Trip08-01-2023TextCounting down to the first mountain bagging trip of the year. Yorkshire will be hosting with four or five days of walking. There are 17 peaks in my sights for conquest which will be an excellent start to the year.
Hadrians Wall23-12-2022TextIt has been on my bucket list for a very long time, I had intended to walk it during 2022 but too many other holidays and trips got in the way, so it was postponed until 2023. I have now booked all the hotels and got a preliminary plan sorted out so I will finally get to do it.
Cleeve Hill walk03-12-2022TextIt's getting to the stage now where big walks are not realistic due to the short days. My local big hill is Cleeve Hill, although the summit is only 330m high or just over 1,000 feet in old money, it makes a nice walk. Starting from the Golf Club I made my way Eastwards to take advantage of some of the steeper paths around the old quarries. My destination was Belas Knapp, a Long Barrow about a mile and a half off Cleeve Common in the direction of Winchcombe and on both the Cotswold Way and Winchcombe Way footpaths. This was my turn around point and I came back following the Cotswold Way which skirts the lower side of the common before climbing back up. Crossing to the West and despite the low cloud, I had the excellent views across the Severn Valley, not quite to the Malverns as they were in cloud. Back to the car with just under ten miles covered.
Rohan update14-11-2022TextI was contacted by the Customer Services who offered to reproof my Dry Frontier Trousers, I declined, they then offered another identical pair, I declined. Finally they offered me a Gift Card refund. I discussed it. They claimed they could not offer me a full cash refund as I had worn them! How else can I determine their usefulness? I decided to take the Gift Card and maybe try another pair of overtrousers, this time from a shop so that I can take them back and demand a cash refund if (when) they don't function properly. I notice they no longer advertise Dry Frontier Trousers!
Rohans go back again12-11-2022TextOnce again I am returning waterproofs! This time it is the Rohan Dry Frontier trousers. I returned them some time ago and Rohan reproofed them for me. On the recent Lake District trip they let me down quite badly so now they are going back for good. Nothing short of a refund will satisfy me and once again I am on the look out for new waterproofs.
Great Gable18-05-2022Photogreatgable04.jpg
Wysis Way Day 420-04-2022Photowysisway410.jpg
Wysis Way Day 117-04-2022Photowysisway301.jpg
Coniston once more07-11-2022TextPicked up the final peak in the Coniston loop. There is another (Harter Fell) but that is quite a way out so a separate walk. Today I did White Maiden (610m) in really bad conditions. Full reports on all three days will be in the Previous Expeds pages.
Coniston assault06-11-2022TextThe plan was to do all of the peaks in the Coniston area, but due to fatigue and a mild sense of humour failure with the dreadful weather all day, one got missed, but I will get that tomorrow. Today was Wetherlam (762m), Black Sails (745m), Swirl How (802m), Great Carrs (785m), Grey Friar (770m), Brim Fell (796m), The Old Man (803m), Dow Crag (778m), Walna Scar (621m)
Helvellyn area05-11-2022TextTodays walk was from Rydal to Kirkstone. The weather was pretty dreadful all morning but improved in the afternoon. Seven plus two repeats (with Fairfield being done twice) because they were in the way and an after dark finish. Heron Pike (612m), Erne Crag (621m), Great Rigg (766m), Seat Sandal(736m), Fairfield(873m), Hart Crag(822m), Dove Crag(792m), Little Hart Crag(637m), Red Screes(776m)
Lakes again24-10-2022TextA cheeky trip to the Lake District in a couple of weeks time will see 2 1/2 days of walking bagging all of the Coniston Group (11 peaks) and 7 peaks in the Helvellyn range bringing my years total to 94! Lets not count our chickens before they hatch though!
Final Arans Peak done!22-10-2022TextFoel Hafod-fynydd was the final peak in the Arans and the whole of mid-Wales so I was keen to climb it. My route was to park above Lake Vyrnwy on the ridge, then walk out via Llechwedd Du which was tough going with heavy rain for the first hour, no real path and lots of boggy ground. The peak is quite isolated, requiring a huge drop down to a valley and then another huge climb to the summit which was so steep I could touch the ground in front of me! Return was the reverse so equally tough. A total of 10km in just under 3 hours.
Bleak day on Bleaklow19-10-2022TextTwo peaks I ticked off many years ago, Bleaklow Head (633m) and Higher Shelf Stones(621m) warranted a repeat visit as I had no memory of doing them. A business trip by my partner to the area was too good a chance to miss as it would mean free transport, free hotel and free food!

It was a nice day out, although very windy, we did 11 miles from Manor Park in Glossop, over the peaks and back via Doctors Gate. I wasn’t sure whether to count them in this years total or not and standing on the summits, I couldn’t remember them, but given that the Pennine Way passes over the summit of Bleaklow Head, I must have done that at least, so decided to compromise and include Higher Shelf Stones only.
Watersmeet to Lynmouth06-10-2022TextThis was a combination of walking along the river from Watersmeet and a section of the Coast Path into Lynmouth. Watersmeet is the confluence of the East Lyn River and Hoar Oak Water. Easy walking through Brandon on a good path and eventually up to the A39 then down to join the Coast Path, through woodland on a good, but thin track to finally emerge onto a hillside about 2-3 miles from Lynmouth which by now is just in sight. One final climb and it is mostly steadily downhill to the town, emerging on the far end of the beach. My meeting point was at the other end and with two minutes to spare on the 4pm meeting time, we reached the end. 20km walked.
Dartmoor in a day03-10-2022TextOn a suberb day I conquered both two thousand foot peaks on Dartmoor. They are quite close together so I did a very roundabout route, firstly climbing from Meldon Reservoir to the higher High Willhays (621m), then headed out via Dinger Tor (550m), Okemont Hill (564m) to Hangingstone Hill (603m) for lunch, then returned passing close to Wild Tor, Steeperton Tor and East Mill Tor to ascent Yes Tor (619m) from the South and back down to the car park. 25km and 908m of ascent in five and a half hours.
South West Coast Path02-10-2022TextThe entire path runs for over 600 miles, starting in Minehead, North Devon. As a pre-cursor and warm up for my Dartmoor walk I thought I'd do a section to see what it is like. Tough is an understatement! I walked 22km but managed over 1,100m of climbing with a high point of just 316m. The ascent is not easy either, with descents into valleys and ascents to headlands being relatively short and very steep. I was blessed with excellent weather, being able to easily see South Wales across the water and even Lundy Island. My walk was from Lynmouth to Combe Martin. Dartmoor is tomorrow but I may be back later in the week for another section.
Dartmoor beckons22-09-2022TextIn just a couple of weeks time, I'll be on Dartmoor, completing the two Tors that reach the magic 2,000 feet. That will complete that section and bring me a bit closer to completing the English mountains, although there is a very long way to go!
Glyders completed01-09-2022TextOn my way home from a motorbiking trip, I couldn't resist taking advantage of some very fine weather in the Ogwen Valley and bagging the two remaining peaks in the Glyders region, Y Foel-goch(805m) and Gallt yr Ogof(763m). Only 11 remaining in the whole of Wales!
Whats next?13-08-2022TextI'd aimed and planned for 50 peaks for 2022 and have succeeded in climbing 71 so far which I'm pleased with. I could relax and let the rest of the year go by, but with a holiday on Exmoor later in the year which is very close to Dartmoor where there are two 2,000' peaks and the opportunity of a cheeky day out in mid-Wales to complete the Arans and thereby the entire mid-Wales region it is unlikely that I'll be taking it easy any time soon!
Yorkshire Day 204-08-2022TextWhernside(736m), the highest in the Ingleborough group, plus three peaks on the opposite side of the valley (Gragareth(627m), Green Hill(628m) and Great Coum(687m)) made four peaks for the day plus we explored Yordas cave which was fun.

Six peaks over the last two days increases the 2022 total to 71.
Yorkshire Day 103-08-2022TextTodays walk was an ascent of Ingleborough which at 724m is one of the highest in the area. Great start to the day, but on the summit, the weather deteriorated so we had no view. Once off the summit of course, everything improved! Great day out and two peaks for the bag, the second being Simons Fell at 650m!
The New Forest23-07-2022TextFor the first time ever, I had the opportunity of a walk in the New Forest. It is a very pleasant place, but it is flat! Navigation is tricky because there are no features to aim at, no mountains to head towards and everywhere is very similar; a few trees, some wide dusty tracks, gorse and heather. Having said that, I enjoyed the walk and might be tempted again in the future.
Yorkshire Peaks29-06-2022TextI don't sit still for long and am now in the process of planning a few days walking in Yorkshire to pick off some of the peaks there. I'll be staying with my walking buddy Chris who knows the area well, so hopefully I'll come back with a big bag of new peaks!
Trip Reports28-06-2022TextI've been rearranging my trip reports to be slightly more logical. In the Welsh section, particularly Mid Wales, I've sorted the reports into regions as it makes more sense if someone wants to read about a particular mountain. Also the North Wales reports have been rearranged where possible. In some cases I've walked mountains in more than one region so it has not been possible. If you want to climb a particular mountain but are not sure which region it's in, take a look at the Mountain Log page which lists all the mountains and their regions, it can be sorted in many ways to make it easy.
Trip Statistics24-06-2022TextA very successful trip to mid Wales with glorious, if not a little too hot at times, weather saw me walking for four days, ascending 14 out of a possible 15 peaks - the Moelwyns big day proved to be too much and had to be split into two. I walked a total of 88.5km with 4,172m of ascent and a staggering (pun intended) 129,538 steps!

This brings my total to this year to 65 peaks which is impressive by any standards I think.
Mid Wales Day 423-06-2022TextFinal day of the trip saw me conquer Foel Penolau (2,014') and Moel Ysgyfarnogod (2,043') in the Rhinogs, then drive over to Bala and climb Foel Goch (2,004') in the Arenigs to complete all peaks in both of those areas. I now have just one peak in the whole of mid-Wales to climb!
Mid Wales Day 322-06-2022TextToday I completed the Moelwyns group with ascents of Moel Penanmen (2,014’), Manod Mawr North Top (2,158’) and Manod Mawr (2,168’). I then went on to climb Y Garn (2,063’) in the Rhinogs.
Mid Wales Day 221-06-2022TextA super hot day saw me climb four peaks in the Moelwyns region which were Craigysgafn (2,260’) Ysgafell Main (2,204’) North (2,194’) and Far North Tops (2,132’). Total for the year is now 58. I’d originally planned seven but a combination of the heat, route finding and distance meant I cut it short, but even so, did 12 miles so not a bad day out.
Mid Wales Day 120-06-2022TextPost Gwyn (2,181’) in the Berwyn completed which also completes the entire group. Then drove over to the Arenigs to climb Rhobell Fawr (2,408’) and Dduallt (2,165’) bringing my year total to 54.
Mid Wales assault13-06-2022TextNext week I'm off for a few days to mid-Wales again with the remaining 15 mountains firmly in my sights. It's ambitious (of course), but achievable I think. Good weather will help, bad weather might make all the difference between success and failure.
Berwyns almost complete!11-06-2022TextTwo of the final three Berwyn Peaks completed! Cyrniau Nod (2,188') and Cefn Gwyntog (2,017') on a reasonable day. The visibility was excellent, but it was windy and there were showers of rain all day so the ground was wet, but it's done and there's only one more peak in the area and I'll have bagged the lot!
Change of Plan02-06-2022TextIt was going to be the final Arans peak, but due to time constraints, I've changed it to bagging two more in the Berwyns instead. The walk is further but it's more convenient. The Arans will have to wait a couple of weeks to my next trip which will hopefully complete all of the mountains in mid-Wales!
Arans final peak27-05-2022TextIn a couple of weeks, I have the chance to complete the Arans group with a cheeky day trip to climb Foel Hafod-fynydd (689m). There are a few other peaks in that area of Wales, will I be tempted to go for another one, or stick to the plan and take the final Arans peak?
Lake District23-05-2022TextAfter a very successful Lake District Trip bagging no less than 20 new peaks, my attention is now drawn back to completing the Welsh peaks. Looking through my Mountain Tables book, I spotted a mountain I'd climbed but not logged (Crib-y-rhiw in the Rhinogs). Checking with my Garmin, sure enough I'd topped it, so now I have just 29 to go!
Lake District18-05-2022TextDay four was the big one with no less than nine peaks conquered including one of the highest in the Lake District; Great Gable at a towering 899m. The full list is; Grey Knotts (697m), Brandreth (715m), Base Brown (646m), Green Gable (801m), Great Gable (899m), Kirk Fell East Top (787m), Kirk Fell (802m), Fleetwith Pike (648m), Honister Crag (630m). The weather held out, but was incredibly windy in the morning.
Lake District16-05-2022TextDay three saw five new peaks bagged in the Buttermere region which completes that section. They were; Robinson (737m), Hindscarth (727m), Dale Head (753m), High Spy (653m) and Blea Crag (634m). Cloud on Robinson cleared to give a great day for the remainder.
Lake District15-05-2022TextDay 2 saw an ascent of Bannerdale Crags (684m) via Sharp Edge onto Atkinson Pike which completes the Skiddaw Range of mountains in the Lake District. Excellent weather again.
Lake District14-05-2022TextThe week has got off to a great start with five peaks conquered in the Buttermere region plus two that I'd previously climbed but had to do because they were in the way! The peaks were: Whiteside (707m), Whiteside East (719m), Hopegill Head (770m), Ladyside Pike (703m), Hobcarton Crag (739m), Grisedale Pike (791m), Hobcarton End (634m)
Lake District08-05-2022TextAlready thinking about my trip to the Lake District for more peak bagging. I get to tick some off from the 'England' list!
Great mid-Wales trip07-05-2022TextTen new peaks plus Cadair Idris, the highest in mid-Wales for good measure was a great way to spend four days. The weather was very mixed from dull and overcast, to low cloud and rain, to fabulous and back to raining! I've now got just 30 peaks in Wales to conquer to complete them all!
Mid Wales Peak Bagging01-05-2022TextLooking forward to a few days in mid-Wales mopping up some peaks to add to the collection. Another ambitious plan of 10 peaks in four days. It's starting to get a little harder in Wales now as I only have 40 left and they're spread out, although the Carneddau has quite a few as does the Moelwyns so they will be future targets.
Wysis Way Day 420-04-2022TextFinal day of 13 miles. Much less hilly that the previous days but still the odd climb to test the already tired legs. The Thames source is a bit of an anti-climax and the official finish at the railway station equally so, but it's done so that's that.
Wysis Way Day 319-04-2022TextOnly 14 miles today but some serious climbs made it harder than expected. Bisley was the end of the day and I arrived in good time to get the bus to Stroud which saved an off-route 4 mile walk. Final day tomorrow.
Wysis Way Day 218-04-2022Text14 miles from Mitcheldean to Gloucester. Another tough start with an ascent of May Hill followed by some excellent walking through Gloucestershire. Another fine day, sun shining all day. Perfect.
Wysis Way Day 117-04-2022Text17 miles from Monmouth to Mitcheldean. Tough start with a climb to the Kymin, then undulating through the Forest of Dean to a steep descent to Mitcheldean and some easy fields with horrid stiles. Fantastic weather all day.
Wysis Way gets closer31-03-2022TextJust over two weeks to go to the next challenge. Looking forward to it. First multi-day long distance path for a while.
St Kenelms Way done (again)31-03-2022TextFinally finished St Kenelms Way with my daughter. Rosie came along as well and didn't seem to mind repeating the walk. This time it was very cold and we had snow at one point. Had a look inside St Kenelms Well just above Winchcombe. Very interesting and worth a visit on its own. What next I wonder...?
Gloucestershire gallop10-03-2022TextOne of my favourite local walks is from Tewkesbury to Winchcombe. Initially following the Gloucestershire Way until it crosses the Winchcombe Way, then following that up over Nottingham Hill and onto Cleeve Hill, then across to the Masts and on to Belas Knapp then steadily down to Winchcombe itself now on the Cotswold Way. Around 15 miles with Rosie my trusty companion for company who loves the walk mostly because she can spend almost all day off the lead and go exploring.
Snowdonia Raid04-03-2022TextMixed weather made for some challenging walks on a four day break to Snowdonia, staying and Idwal Cottage Youth Hostel. Monday I added a couple of peaks from the Berwyn group on a wet and miserable 10 mile walk, then drove up to Rhydd Ddu to bag Mynydd Mawr in fairly good weather. Tuesday was by far the best day of the week weather wise which meant that my plan to do the Nantlle Ridge would work. It was a superb day out with seven peaks bagged, excellent weather without a cloud in the sky and amazing views. Wednesday was pretty much the opposite. From the moment I left the Youth Hostel to my return, it rained heavily and was incredibly windy. It didn’t stop me adding four new peaks and a repeat of Y Garn to my list. Thursday the weather was just horrible, so I decided to go shopping instead!

A total of fourteen new peaks bagged which brings my yearly total to 19 and overall to 217. The report is on the 'North Wales' Page
Wysis Way16-02-2022TextFinally completed the planning and booking for the Wysis Way in April. Four days covering 55 miles from Monmouth to Kemble, or more correctly, the Wye to the Thames. Looking forward to it.
North Wales16-02-2022TextPlans are now complete for a raid on the North Wales 2000' peaks during the first week of March. It's an ambitious plan, aiming for about 18 peaks in total over four days. It does require reasonably good weather but doesn't it always when climbing new mountains?
The River Dove in full flow06-02-2022Photodovedale.jpg
Dovedale and Manifold Valley06-02-2022TextI'd planned a nice walk down Dovedale from Hartington so parked at the Youth Hostel where I was staying for the next few days and was soon away down the hill. Spying a path to the left, I took it, which cut the corner off the village and quickly bought me into a very muddy field. Oh well, no point trying to be to careful I thought, I doubt it will be the only muddy field of the day. I’d started in my new Alpkit waterproof as it was very cold and I needed all of my layers. I soon stopped to put on my leggings as there was rain in the air.

Onto the main track, it looked dry and easy going. I’d spotted a walker ahead so was confident I was headed in the right direction - not that a single walker proves anything, but I figured that the only sensible place to go in this direction was Dovedale.

As I rounded the corner, she suddenly appeared, walking in the opposite direction, or at least I assumed it was the same person. Maybe we were both wrong! Stopping for a quick chat, it turned out that the path and bridge were completely flooded! Not to be deterred, I suggested we go and take a look. It was true! What to do? We decided we were made of the right stuff and a little bit of water wasn’t going to stop us. Actually, it was a lot of water, but by climbing gates, fences and the top of the bridge we managed to get into a muddy field - the easier option as it turned out as the other parts of the path were completely submerged.

Finally we got past it, followed by another walker. Onwards, we took the higher path, the other walker taking the lower path and we met at the next bridge - he was up to his knees in water and we had avoided it.

Chatting, it turned out that my fellow walker was out for a walk along Dovedale to Ilam and back. My plan was to cross to the Manifold Valley and return that way. Asking if she could accompany me as my route sounded significantly drier, of course I agreed so we teamed up. Her name was Julie and she had driven up from Leicestershire for the day.

Continuing downstream we frequently encountered flooded sections, negotiating them as best we could, trying our best to avoid getting too wet, which worked well until I slipped off a rock and my left leg went in up to my knee! Surprisingly my foot didn’t feel too wet but I’m sure it was.

Our route took us down to Milldale with numerous flooded sections. We had gotten quite good at negotiating the water and managed to find reasonable routes through.

The coffee shop in Milldale was closed sadly, but we stopped briefly for a drink a goodie bar before heading off in the direction of Stanshope.

Leaving the shelter of the valley we found ourselves being blown about by really strong wind and walking through really muddy fields. We’d swapped floods for muds.

Stanshope came and went. Next stop Wetton where I knew there was a pub. Julie had recounted an event earlier where she and fellow walkers had been refused service at a village pub. As we approached the pub in Wetton, she recognised it as the same one. Our patronage would not be given today!

Onward and down to Thors Cave. Along the way, we saw two walkers coming in the opposite direction absolutely filthy from head to foot. What was ahead of us? Observing their state, they replied that they had had a very bad day! The final section to the cave was indeed filthy and we careful picked our way across the field and through the mud. Declining to go inside the cave, we descended the steps to the river which started out very muddy but became cleaner as we got near the bottom.

Thankful to be down without incident we headed North to Wetton Mill where the lure of the coffee shop proved too much to resist.

Brief break over we were off again, following the right hand side of the river on the Manifold Trail and good dry walking, although we had the worst rain of the day for a while along this section. We followed this right the way up to Hulme End at the Manifold Valley visitor centre.

A quick check of the map gave our direction as to the right for 50m or so, then up a lane to a footpath and more muddy fields. Once again, the wind picked up and without the shelter of the valley was quite strong, combined with yet more rain made it hard going.

With a combination of lanes and paths we eventually came to Sheen, although I did take an early path off one of the lanes which bought us a little way from Sheen, requiring a ‘phone map’ check to correct. It was only a minor detour, or rather scenic route as I preferred to call it. By now it was approaching 5pm and dusk. There was still enough light to see by and we were only a mile or so from Hartington so nothing to worry unduly about.

Through Sheen and out on the path which led directly to Hartington, the weather had one final go at us with strong wind and hailstones. We could see the lights of Hartington and still had enough light to see the path but even so were quite relieved to arrive in the village.

Julies car was on the lane so we said our goodbyes and parted. She had been very good company for the day and it was nice to have someone to walk with who was every bit as capable. We’d chatted for most of the day about this and that, generally walking and mountaineering stuff and as I walked up to the Hostel I realised what a nice change it was to have a walking partner and how quickly the day had gone compared to a solo walk.

Total distance: 27.6km
Max altitude: 302m
Severn stroll01-02-2022TextNice walk with the dog today down the river to the Haw Bridge via Deerhurst and back again on the Western side to the Mythe Bridge and Home. Good weather, sunny but very windy. 13 miles total so a healthy outing.
River meander23-01-2022TextNice ten mile walk through the Wildlife Sanctuary at Coombe Hill and then along the River Severn to Deerhurst and cross country to Tewkesbury.
Plynlimon Completed15-01-2022TextAn early start and a long drive bought me to the Car Park at Eisteddfa Gurig on the A44. Parking up and paying the £5 fee into the honesty box, Rosie and I headed off into the mountains. All Five 2,000' Peaks were conquered in just 3 1/2 hours and were (in order); Y Garn(684m), Pen Pumlumon Fawr(752m), Pumlumon Fach(664m), Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan(727m) and Pen Pumlumon Arwystli(741m). The weather was kind, although the higher peaks were in mist most of the day.
2022 Plans!31-12-2021TextPlans are already starting to take shape for 2022. I've got a cheeky day planned mid-January to bag all five of the 2000 foot peaks in Plynlimon on a single day, then at the end of February a four day raid into North Wales to attend to a straggler in the Arans and then take on the mighty Nantlle Ridge and a few in the Ogwen Valley.
St Kenelms Finished!28-11-2021TextOn a cold November morning I completed St Kenelms Way with the final 10 miles from Dumbleton to Winchcombe taking just 3 1/2 hours. This time I had Rosie the dog for company.
Snowdon from Lliwedd25-11-2021Photosnowdon.jpg
Snowdonia success27-11-2021TextThree days in Snowdonia bagging peaks saw me claim three peaks on each of three days plus a notably peak of 605m (Foel Goch). I decided against the Nantlle Ridge as the weather was pretty poor. Thursday was the best day with only the occasional snow/rain shower. Wednesday was miserable all day with no views due to low cloud and Friday was the beginning of Storm Arwen which caused 90mph winds according to the weather reports and I can believe it!

Highest new peak was Lliwedd Bach at 818m but I also did the main peak of Y Lliwedd which is 893m. Brings my total number of 2000'+ mountains for the year to 52 and overall total to 190.
North Wales21-11-2021TextBooked in at Pen y Pass YHA for a few days this coming week to do a spot of peak bagging. Moel Hebog and the Nantlle Ridge are top of the list, plus a nice three-peak bag from Llanberis. I'm hoping for good weather but expecting rain!
Severn stroll17-11-2021TextA nice walk down the River Severn from Tewkesbury on the Western side to the Haw Bridge, then back along the Eastern side. 22km of walking in just under 5 hours. Sun shone and no rain, perfect.
Rhayader Raid15-11-2021TextOn a long day out in the Elan Valley area I bagged all three 2000' peaks. I did two walks, both in very poor conditions, with low mist all day, giving little in the way of views. The first to climb Gorllwyn (613m) and Drygarn Fawr (645m) and the second walk to climb Pen y Garn (610m). The two starting points were about half an hour apart by fast motorbike. It was a very long day, leaving home at 6:30am and not returning until 7:30pm.
Belas Knapp06-11-2021TextUnfortunately the final leg of St Kenelms Way got postponed so I decided on a walk from the Golf Club on Cleeve Hill to Belas Knapp and back, following the Cotswold Way on the way out and the Winchcombe Way on the return leg. Reasonable but windy weather made for a good leg stretch.
Lathkill stroll22-10-2021TextFinal day of the mini break saw me walking down Lathkill Dale from Monyash and back again. It is a beautiful valley and quiet. Parking is easy at the head of the valley although it fills quickly.
High Peak and Limestone Trail21-10-2021TextMatlock to the High Peak Trail via High Tor, then up to Black Rocks and further up to Middleton Top. Return via Bonsall and the Limestone Way. A total of 25km with superb weather all day. Great day out again.
Dovedale and more20-10-2021TextAshbourne to my favourite dale; Dovedale, then back over Bunster Hill and Thorpe Cloud back to Ashbourne. 22km of great Derbyshire walking.
Mountain Tables04-10-2021TextAs a labour of love, I have added the Mountain Tables for England and Wales for all of the mountains over 2,000 feet. It will be possible to show them by Area, Mountain Name or Height and also the ones I have not yet climbed - challenges for the future! Check out the page and let me know what you think. (Mountain Log Book)
New gear review02-10-2021TextSee my latest reviews on a couple of new items from Alpkit; a Griffon casual wear Top and a Gravitas super lightweight waterproof jacket. Also a review on Rohans Dry Frontier waterproof trousers.
Crummock to Derwent Water01-10-2021TextA proper peak bagging day with no less than 10 peaks in the Buttermere group, the highest being Grassmoor at 853m, the others were Whiteless Pike, Wandope, Sand Hill, Hopegill Head, Hobcarton Crag, Crag Hill, Sail, Scar Crags and finally Causey Pike. Very windy day with some serious showers but excellent views with no cloud.
Ullswater to Thirlmere29-09-2021TextA great day out in the Lake District with ascents of Catstycam, Helvellyn, Raise, Greenside, Hart Crag and the Dodds. 22.5km and over 1,000m of ascent. The weather was good but cold and windy all day. View was excellent.
Long Mynd28-08-2021TextA good day out on the Long Mynd. Some of the marked peaks were either not worth bothering with or so overgrown with undergrowth it wasn't worth it! There are some serious descents and climbs in and out of the valleys. Very few water opportunities on the top but plenty of streams down the valleys. Hot day. 18 miles walked in total!
Leatherman Knives review30-07-2021TextReviews of two knives I own, both excellent and both for very different purposes. Read my thoughts on the Review Page under 'Stuff'.
St Kenelms Way Part 3 - Done30-07-2021TextPart three and actually we finished at Dumbleton which was further than expected. Just under 10 miles (despite the guide book claiming 10.5). The day was miserable, with rain all day, we were properly soaked at the end but it went well and we completed the walk in under 3 hours.
Cadair Berwyn Summit17-07-2021Photoberwyns05.jpg
Berwyns Bagged19-07-2021TextAn assault on the Berwyns netted a total of 16 peaks over 2000 feet. The weather was hot (too hot) and the visibility was excellent. Coupled with no rain, few other walkers and some excellent company; Chris for two days, Paul and Nicola for one day and dinner with Jodie, Adam and Abigail, what's not to love about that?
St Kenelms Part 313-07-2021TextGreat Comberton to Ashton Under Hill via Bredon Hill summit is a mere 10 miles but does have the summit of Bredon Hill in the way. End of July is the date for that.
Berwyns Assault10-07-2021TextThree days of walking planned for the Berwyns next weekend. Four walks are needed to bag all of the peaks so for sure they won't all be done, but we'll have a good crack and get a good number ticked off. Look out for the report to follow.
The next challenge14-06-2021TextLooking for more unclimbed peaks, I'm moving my attention to the Berwyns, also in mid-Wales but East (ish) of the Arans I did a few weeks ago. Plenty to go at and with 20 over 2,000' and a few over 2,500' there are lots to bag.
Views to the Ogwen Valley30-05-2021Photoarans22.jpg
Ascent of Glasgwm29-05-2021Photoarans15.jpg
Arans - Post Trip 01-06-2021TextThe trip was a great success and, apart from one solitary peak, everything on the list was done. Of course, that gives me a good excuse to go back and get the final tick in the box.

Thanks to Chris for great company and good humour throughout. I'll let you know when I've planned the next challenge!
Day 2 : Another Seven Peaks30-05-2021TextThe big day out with the main prize of the highest peak in the region; Aran Fawddwy standing at an impressive 905m. Fabulous weather, the sun shone all day and coupled with a breeze meant that we didn't overheat. Our bag for the day comprised 7 peaks in total; Glasgwm 779m, Gawain Llwyn 685m, Aran Fawddwy 905m, Erw y Ddafad ddu 872m, Aran Benllyn 885m, Gawain Lydan 632m, Pen yr Allt Uchaf 620m.

So, the plan was to climb every peak in the group, we managed all bar one! Oh well, something to go back for.
Day 0 : Arans Assault28-05-2021TextA quick stop on the way to the campsite saw me bag Pen y Bryn-fforchog (685m) in miserable weather to start my weekends peak bagging collection.
Day 1 : Seven Peaks29-05-2021TextWith a solitary outlier yesterday and seven peaks today, the trip is going well. The weather was considerably better, only raining for the first half hour and a little at the end of the day. Another big day tomorrow to look forward to and better weather forecast, I can’t wait! The bag had Moel y Cerrig Duon 625m, Foel y Geifr, 626m, Trum y Gwrgedd 612m, Foel Goch 613m, Foel Rudd 659m, Esgeiriau Gwynion 671m and Llechwedd Du 614m in it.
Arans Assault27-05-2021TextBank Holiday weekend will see me bagging peaks in Mid Wales just East of Dolgellau. I've only ever climbed one peak in that area so lots of new ticks for the boxes!

The weather looks pretty good as well, so hoping for a good weekend.
Upton to Tewkesbury - M5001-05-2021Photoupton-tewkesbury06.jpg
Upton to Tewkesbury01-05-2021Photoupton-tewkesbury02.jpg
St Kenelms Way Part 207-05-2021Photostkenelmsway208.jpg
St Kenelms Way Part 207-05-2021Photostkenelmsway201.jpg
St Kenelms Way Part 207-05-2021TextAt just under 15 miles (14 to be precise), stage 2 fell to us with ease. A glorious day out in the countryside with an excellent route through Pinvin, Wyre Piddle, Pershore and finally Great Comberton. No climbs of any note and mostly off road. Stage three will be different with a direct ascent of Bredon Hill, but that is to come.
Upton to Deerhurst01-05-2021TextA quick local walk from Upton to Deerhurst just South of Tewkesbury came in at 13 miles so not too bad. Easy walking of course along the River Severn, but a nice way to spend a Saturday morning. The dog of course, probably did double.
More gear going back!29-04-2021TextWell, the Salomon Ultra GTX shoes lasted about six months before they started leaking! Once again I find myself returning gear that fails to make it to even the manufacturers warranty period. Is there a Manufacturer out there that can deliver? I don't think there is.
St Kenelms Way Part 102-04-2021TextPart 1 of the latest Long Distance walk now completed! From the start at Romsley to Himbleton. A good stretch at just under 20 miles. See the full report on the Previous Expeditions page.
Gloucestershire Way27-03-2021TextWalking from Tewkesbury to Winchcombe along the Gloucestershire Way is a fine day out and neatly avoids the crowds on Cleeve Hill. In fact I only saw about three or four other people during the entire walk which meant the dog could mostly run free and I could enjoy a peaceful quiet walk. 17.5km made for a good outing and the furthest I've walked for some time.
Looking to the Malverns13-03-2021Photonottinghamhill3.jpg
On Oxenton Hill13-03-2021Photonottinghamhill2.jpg
Rosie at Gotherington Station13-03-2021Photonottinghamhill1.jpg
Nottingham to Tewkesbury13-03-2021TextWell, Nottingham Hill to Tewkesbury anyway. Nottingham Hill is far less popular than its near neighbour; Cleeve Hill, but the views from it are every bit as good stretching over the Severn Valley to the Malverns. For this walk I was deposited at the top of the hill so it was flat and downhill for the first section although very slippery as there is a stream that carves its way down. The walk follows the Winchcombe Way initially, passing right next to Gotherington Station, a very pretty station on the Toddington Steam Railway Line and well worth the slight detour. From here, we crossed the road and followed the Winchcombe Way to the foot of Oxenton Hill, broke off to the left to the summit and then descend to Oxenton to pick up the Gloucestershire Way to Tewkesbury. It is pretty flat for the rest of the walk, but still has interest with many fields, passing small farms and crossing both the railway line and the M5 to finally pass through the very pleasant village of Walton Cardiff, expanded greatly by the nearby housing development and finally into Tewkesbury itself. I did 14km, Rosie, the dog did probably double that!
Bredon Hill14-02-2021TextAn actual proper outing. Being quite close to home it was deemed 'okay'. Quieter than Cleeve Hill, it promised to be a good test of the legs, especially my knee which has been making steady progress over the last few months. I elected to walk up from Beckford which a steady climb on good tracks. Starting on a small lane, it soon becomes a farm track and then a track across a field to eventually join the route from Elmley Castle along a flat, but muddy path directly past the fire tower and up onto the Hill fort and the summit tower. It was bitterly cold and windy but so far dry. Pausing for a hot brew - I bought a flask of water and some tea bags - I soon started back, not wishing to chill. About now the heavens opened with driving rain coming at me from the right. This would be a good test of my Paramo jacket!

All the way along the path and onto the downhill section it rained, and whilst my legs got a good soaking, my upper half remained warm and dry. I was well impressed with the jacket.

Finally as I came down towards the farm, the rain stopped, but it was still cold and I was pleased to be back at the car.

My knee had held up well, giving me no pain or discomfort and with a total journey of just over 13km and 300m of ascent, I was pleased.

Can't wait to get out to bigger mountains and more mileage.
New kit review!08-02-2021TextNewly purchased Black Diamond Carbon Fibre walking poles have had their first review. Only on Cleeve Hill so not a proper test, but happy so far. Can't wait to get out on real mountains and put them (and me) through their paces.
Cleeve Hill canter06-02-2021TextStill in lockdown! The only hill of any note is Cleeve Hill. Of course every man and his dog was on there - including me and my dog so I can't complain. Actually it was her first time on a hill of any kind - we live in a very flat area. She loved it, but was desperate for more freedom - sadly she had to stay on the lead otherwise we would still be there! Great to be out though.
Another Cleeve Hill Day11-12-2020TextA fine day amongst many miserable days saw me out on Cleeve Hill again. This time I managed a reasonably respectable 10km over to the radio masts and back via an undulating route. On the way I found a set of car keys, which I eventually reunited with the owner, who was well pleased to receive them. Still using a stick for aid but going uphill presented no problems and downhill was no worse than it ever has been.
Easy Walking04-12-2020TextThe knee surgery I had in August is taking longer to get right that I'd hoped, so walking has been curtailed. I did manage to get out last Friday for a couple of hours along the River Severn which was nice, then today I managed an hour or so on Cleeve Hill, not wanting to overdo it. Looking to the West I convinced myself I could see snow on the Black Mountains of Wales. If the weather forecast is right, it could be heading this way!
Completing the Skiddaw Area01-10-2020TextToday saw me complete (bar one) all of the Peaks in the Skiddaw region; Carrock Fell, High Peak, Hare Stones, Great Lingy Hill and an excellent finale of Knott, which at 710m was also the highest of the day. A 14km route in excellent conditions made for a great final day.
Skiddaw29-09-2020TextSkiddaw has been on my 'must do' list for a long time now. I had a plan a few years ago which included the Calvas but time and weather prevented me. A couple of days ago the initial plan included Skiddaw but again time was against me, so today it was the focus and I did it! Also climbed Longside, Carl Side, Little Man, Sale How and Lonscale Fell so an excellent day out.
Blencathra and Sharp Edge26-09-2020TextDay 1 saw four peaks and a Grade 1 scramble, with Blencathra at 868m being the highest. Also managed to climb Atkinson Pike via the fun Sharp Edge scramble. The full tally was Gategill Fell (851m), Blencathra (868m), Atkinson Pike (845m) and Bowscale Fell (702m).

Weather was superb, if a little cold and windy but no rain all day.
Mountain Air27-09-2020TextFinally, I’ve managed to climb some mountains! A late Autumn trip to the Lake District saw some cheeky days out. Check out the blog for a quick summary and the Previous Expeditions Pages for full reports in due course.
Severn Wanderings20-09-2020TextAnother decent walk, this time along the River Severn. All is good with the knee so it's off to the mountains next!
Cleeve Hill stroll06-09-2020TextFinally got out for a walk after a frustrating summer of lockdowns and social distancing, then a knee injury required surgery meant that it was early September before I got out on the hills (albeit small ones) again. It was great to be out though!
Gloucestershire morning out21-03-2020TextA quick morning walk over Cleeve Hill, Nottingham Hill and Overton Hill, then back to Tewkesbury, combining the Winchcombe Way and Gloucestershire Way nicely. Total distance of 17km with a paltry 310m maximum altitude (Cleeve Hill)
St Kenelms Way reccee06-03-2020TextWith a plan in place to walk the entire 60 miles of the St Kenelms Way, I took the opportunity of a fine day to have a look at the route. Getting to the start is the first challenge. I took the train to Hagley and then walked the few miles up to Hagley Park and onto Clent Hills, spying an excellent site for a first nights camp on the way. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get to Romsley and St Kenelms Church through very pleasant woodland and over Clent Hills, which, today, had excellent views. As it was an out-and-back walk, I made it over to Belbroughton about 15k in total, before turning back and retracing my route. The ground is still very wet but hopefully will have dried out by the time I do the full walk.
Dovedale dash09-02-2020TextWith Storm Ciara in full force it was a wet and windy day in the Peak District - actually, ideal for a proper test of my new waterproofs. The results were, on the whole, very good. The Paramo jacket kept me dry all day, despite some very heavy downpours and the trousers did a good job with only a small amount of dampness where the water runs off the jacket so pleased with that. Dovedale was, of course, perfect, although it was too windy to ascend Thorpe Cloud and the Stepping Stones completey submerged. I pretty much had the whole place to myself, only seeing one small group of three lads all day!
Tissington and High Peak trail07-02-2020TextIt’s not often I write about a cycling day out on this blog, but today I rode from Hartington to Ashbourne on the Tissington trail, then roads to Carsington Water, more trails around the lake then roads again down to the Cromford Canal to pick up the High Peak Trail past Black Rocks and Middleton Top to Parsley Hay and back on the Tissington again to Hartington and finish. All told 80km and a superb day out. An off-road bike is essential, with nobbly tyres but it’s easy riding with only a few serious climbs - mostly on the Black Rocks section.
Countdown to the Peak District22-01-2020TextJust over two weeks to go until my first Training Weekend of the year. Off to the Peak District for three days of cycling and walking. Friday is an epic ride around the disused railway lines of the High Peak and Tissington Trails, then Saturday a couple of new peaks around Buxton and Sunday a walk around my favourite part; Dovedale.
Malvern Hills Yomp27-12-2019TextA day out on the Malvern Hills is always welcome even if, like today, the views are almost non-existent due to the low cloud. From North Hill, I climbed up over the Malvern Beacon, dropping down to the Wyche Cutting followed by a circuit around to the British Camp, avoiding the tops for a change. From there down into Eastnor Park and a muddy walk to the park itself. Returning via the obelisk and the British Camp, I kept to the ridge line, finishing my climbing with a second ascent of the Malvern Beacon. 16.5 miles made a fine day out.
2020 Adventure booked!24-12-2019TextWell, the indecision is over - I've booked my trip for 2020. In a complete change to initial thoughts, I've decided to go back to Nepal next year. This time it will be the Dhaulagiri Trek with Dhamphus Peak (6,060m) as a climax to the three week trip. It's not until October so a long time to wait, but plenty of time for training.
Paramo Waterproof Jacket24-12-2019TextWell, Santa has bought me a new waterproof jacket - the Paramo Alta III. I can't wait to try it out and if the hype is anything to go by, I won't be disappointed! Now, where have I heard that before? Initial reaction is a quality, well thought out jacket, a good fit, stowable hood and plenty of useful pockets. Of course, it needs to be waterproof, so the very next time it rains, I'll be out.
Kraku Cooker and Buffalo Mitts07-12-2019TextMy new lightweight cooker had its first trial - see how it got on. Plus, a pair of Buffalo mittens had an outing in the Brecons, read the full review on the reviews page.
Brecons Day Out - for real06-12-2019TextAfter the change of plan last time, I decided I would definitely go down to the Brecons this time and so it was. Well, it rained non-stop all day and proved to me that I definitely need a new waterproof jacket, and that possibly my new Rohan waterproof trousers are not up to the job! My usual route over Fan Fawr and Fan Llia then down to the Roman Road and back via Sarn Helen and Fan Frynych for the long walk above the A470. Around about 11 miles walked, all in the rain wasn't the best day out for weather but enjoyable nontheless. I got to try out my new cooker, an Alpkit Kraku which proved to be an excellent purchase - see my review.
Stellar Equipment Base Layer22-11-2019TextCheck out my review of the Stellar Equipment Base Layer.
Rohan Waterproofs review22-11-2019TextCheck out my review of the Rohan Vapour Trail waterproof trousers.
Malverns Walk22-11-2019TextSlight change of plan to a day out on the Malvern Hills instead of the Brecons as the forecast was pretty poor and after damaging a leg muscle a few weeks ago I wanted a walk with some easy bale out options. I didn't need them which was good to know so can now start the fitness campaign for the 2020 expedition.
Brecons Day Out20-11-2019TextPlanning a day out in the Brecon Beacons on Friday. It seems like an age since I've been out in the hills so am really looking forward to getting out there. Who knows, I might even get to try out my new waterproof trousers!
New waterproofs09-11-2019TextRohan are the latest company to join my ever growing list of waterproof leggings suppliers. Bought a pair of their Vapour Trail Overtrousers so we'll see how they perform. Of course, an honest review will follow in due course.
Plans for 202007-11-2019TextI'm considering my options for 2020, but the current favourite is an eight day climbing trip to Zermatt which would include Switzerlands' highest peak (Dufourspitze, Monte Rosa) at 4,634m. Nothing definite yet and it might all change!
Waterproof clothing07-11-2019TextIf you've read my Equipment Review page you'll know that I have had a lot of bad luck with waterproofs! Given the boasts of all these companies, why is it that I am having such difficulty purchasing a pair of waterproof trousers? Three pairs from different manufacturers all returned as unfit for purpose, two of them well over £100. I'll challenge any company to provide a pair of waterproof trousers that actually work!
Brecons Waterfalls05-10-2019TextFinding waterfalls in the Brecons is not exactly a challenge but there is a lovely walk near Ystradfellte through the woods passing four very impressive waterfalls one of which is possible to walk behind but gets very wet! Total distance is around five miles with the only climbing being down to and back from the waterfall view points. If you want an easy day or something different, it’s worth checking out. The shop in the car park even sells maps for a pound.
Ridgeway Day Six28-09-2019TextEarly start as I had a train to catch. Today was divided into three sections; Wendover to Wiggington (6 miles), Wiggington to Ivinghoe Beacon (5.5 miles) and the return to the station (3.5 miles). Left just after 8am, Wiggington by 10:00am, Ivinghoe by mid-day and back to the station around 1:30pm. All done!
Ridgeway Day Five27-09-2019TextWatlington to Wendover through mixed walking with a few good climbs thrown in. Notables are Kop Hill with the excellent views and Coombe Hill with the Africa Campaign monument. Both are great but over too quickly. Final night in Wendover at the Red Lion.
Ridgeway Day Four26-09-2019TextStreatley to Watlington. Mixed terrain with lots of woodland and some long drags. Changing scenery so maintained interest. Half way point reached and passed. Now done about 65 miles.
Ridgeway Day Three25-09-2019TextHalf way reached at Streatley. Easy walking with not much interest. Long day at 18 miles taking just under 6 hours. Nice pub next door to the YH!
Ridgeway Day Two24-09-2019TextBack up to the ridge and followed a steady path all day. The weather was not kind to me, hammering with rain for an hour then showers all day. Highlight of the day was Waylands Smithy an ancient Long Barrow. Good views across Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.
Ridgeway Day One23-09-2019TextTrain and bus to Avebury went without a hitch. Walked to the start via the Stone Avenue and about 400m of the busy A4. Nice easy walking along a well signposted route - impossible to get lost! Arrived at Ogbourne early so decided to follow the route around the village and finish on the other side reducing the distance tomorrow. Rain started about 10 minutes before I finished!
Ridgeway approaches17-09-2019TextNot long now until I'm off to walk the Ridgeway. Hoping for some nice weather for the walk, but who knows? As usual, the spare room is covered in gear. I'll start the 'do I, don't I' take it process in the next day or so, then sort out trains and buses.
Malvern Hills day out06-09-2019TextA quick trip over to the Malvern Hills for a days walking. Caught the train to Malvern Link, then followed a familiar route up North Hill, then the Beacon, Wyche Cutting, onto Perseverance and Jubilee Hills, British Camp and over to the Eastnor Obelisk, then return via Castlemorton Common and up onto the Eastern Balcony back to the Wyche Cutting and drop down to Great Malvern Station via the Wells Common. 15 miles done, excellent weather, great views and a great day out.
Ridgeway Booked01-09-2019TextThe Ridgeway Long Distance Path has been on my Bucket list for years. Finally, I've booked six days in late September to walk it. Looking forward to getting on it. Watch out for the trip report!
Walk Out21-08-2019TextBase Camp walk out to be met by our driver and returned to Piatigorsk for a final meal and thanks to the Russian Guides. Trying to make the best of it, but everyone is suitably disappointed and spent a lot of time talking about the 'what if'.
Return to Base Camp20-08-2019TextBags repacked and we headed back down to Base Camp, tired and disappointed.
Second Summit Attempt19-08-2019TextWe came so close to going. Waking at 10:30pm and readying ourselves. By midnight it was clear nothing was going to happen so back to bed. So disappointed, it was our final chance.
First Summit attempt18-08-2019TextTonight would have been our first attempt on the summit. Sadly the weather was against us so cancelled.
West Ridge acclimatization17-08-2019TextWalk up to West Ridge. Good walk up, but got caught in a thunder and lightning storm on the way down which freaked a few people out!
Rest Day16-08-2019TextOur first rest day.
Lenz Rocks15-08-2019TextAnother acclimatization walk, this time to Lenz Rocks at 4,600m on the glacier. Good practise walking roped up. Some ice-axe arrest practise before descending.
Top Camp14-08-2019TextBags weighed in for porterage. 10kg goes free, 200 Roubles per kilo after that. Mine weighed in at 17kg. Happy with that. Walked up to Top Camp at 3,700m in time for lunch. Dorm style accommodation again, although slightly more basic with no proper shower or washing facilities and the toilets some distance away.
Stone Mushrooms13-08-2019TextAcclimatisation walk up to Stone Mushrooms at 3,200m in 2.5 hours. Good views up to Elbrus itself. Easy day.
Off to Base Camp12-08-2019TextBags repacked so I can leave gear at the hotel. Drive out to the mountains took around 4 hours, then the walk in to Base Camp, a further 3 hours or so. Dorm style beds, toilets and showers!
Flying Out10-08-2019TextFlew to Piatigorsk via Moscow. Long overnight journey. Arrived at the hotel just before lunch.
Two days to go08-08-2019TextWith just two days to go, I am frantically checking and rechecking my gear. Rather than being packed and ready as is my normal operation, gear is all over the spare bed. The weight of gear is scary and I have ditched my Jagged Globe holdall in favour of my (bigger) Mountain Equipment bag...and I still need a suitcase!
Arans Outing28-07-2019TextAfter a tough couple of days I headed South to the Arans to check out the ridge. From the North I decided to just climb Aran Benllyn which was a good outing but hampered by not such good weather. Worth a return visit for sure with plenty to go at.
Moelwyns Magic27-07-2019TextThe Moelwyns are a new area to me, and whilst not being as high as those around Snowdon, are every bit as tough! Six new Peaks bagged including Moelwyn Bach and Mawr, Allt-Fawr and my favourite of the day; Cnicht which features a lovely Grade 1 scramble near the summit.
Snowdon twice26-07-2019TextFirst ascent from Snowdon Ranger YHA via the Ranger Path and descent to Pen-y-Pass via the Miners Track, then after coffee and cake back over Snowdon via the Watkin Path and Lliwedd.
Final Training Weekend21-07-2019TextLooking forward to another trip to Snowdonia for some final mountain training. Staying at the Snowdon Ranger YHA I'm planning an ascent of Snowdon on the Friday, then follow the Watkin Path down to the lakes and return via either Crib Goch or the Miners Track. Saturday will see me in the Moelwyns for the first time and Sunday to the Arans, again for the first time. Plenty of new Peaks to bag and a tough weekend ahead!
Brecons Day out28-06-2019TextFinally some decent weather and I was off to the Brecons for a day out walking. The first part of the day saw me climbing Pen y Fan from the Storey Arms to try out my new double boots. Needless to say, they were totally unsuitable, my feet were too hot and I felt quite silly! After returning to the car, having lunch and changing into more sensible footwear I climbed Fan Llia and meandered around the far side before returning over the top and back to the car.
Kinder Downfall14-06-2019Photodownfall.jpg
Kinder Reservoir14-06-2019Photokinder.jpg
Kinder Scout new route14-06-2019TextJust when I thought I had walked everywhere around Kinder Scout I realise that I had never actually walked down to the reservoir! It is a lovely walk and a really nice approach directly up to Kinder Downfall with many final route choices onto the plateau. The waterfall was in force with so much rain and was very impressive from below. 22km walked which is not too shabby.
Jagged Globe Training Weekend16-06-2019TextI always leave JG knowing a bit more than when I arrive. This weekend was no different. Saturday we covered gear, safety and altitude related issues, then Sunday we split into two groups - I elected to join the rope skills group as I felt a little rusty on that. We covered general roping up, taking coils, crevasse rescue and walking as a roped team. Some of it I already knew, some of it I had forgotten, all of it was a useful refresher. Bring on the trip!
Elbrus Team Meeting13-06-2019TextOff to Sheffield this weekend to meet the Team for Elbrus. Going up a day early for a walk around Kinder Scout. After all the rain we've had, I expect it to be boggy so in a change of gear policy I'll be wearing gaiters (my most hated item of clothing).
Back home27-05-2019TextBack home drying the tent and stowing the gear after an exhausting but fantastic weekend in Snowdonia. Eleven Mountains climbed, but amazingly only one new one. Only a couple of weeks until I go to Sheffield for the Elbrus Team meeting weekend and only ten weeks until the trip itself!
Snowdonia Day Three26-05-2019TextCircled around from Capel Curig to the South side of Moel Siabod followed by a hard scramble on rock and heather to the summit. Easier descent back to Plas y Brenin for 18km distance and 800m of ascent.
Carneddau caper25-05-2019TextAscent of Pen-y-ole Wen from Ogwen valley then onto Daffydd and Llewelyn and descent via Llugwy reservoir. 16km and almost 1,000m of ascent. Walked with Ken, Adam, Jodie and Nicola who I met in Nepal.
Welsh 3000s Epic24-05-2019TextStarted at 6am, ascent of Tryfan followed by the Glyders; Fach and Fawr, then a descent to Pen-y-Pass for coffee and cake at the YHA. Suitably refreshed I tackled Crib Goch, Crib-y-Dysgyll and topping out on Snowdon for lunch. Descent following the railway line and a very steep descent to Nant Peris. A final hard climb of Elidr Fawr then circling round and dropping down to Ogwen just before Foel Goch. 24 miles and about 3,000m ascent and descent I finally finished just after 7pm.
Snowdonia approaches23-05-2019TextDriving up to Snowdonia this afternoon to camp at Swallow Falls near Betws-y-Coed. Tough weekend planned; long walk Friday over 8 peaks, Carnedds on Saturday and Sunday and maybe a scramble on Monday at the top end of Snowdonia.
Sneaky Friday17-05-2019TextA cheeky sneaky Friday afternoon walk on Cleeve Hill out to Belas Knapp in reasonably good conditions - some light rain for a quick 10 miles and 470m of ascent did me the world of good.
Snowdonia13-05-2019TextPlans are taking shape for a long weekend in Snowdonia over the Bank Holiday weekend. Friday will see a big day over the Glyders, Snowdon and back via Elidr Fawr and Y Garn, then Saturday meeting up with old friends from the Nepal Trip for a day on the Carnedds. Sunday and Monday still being planned...watch this space!
Malverns from the South06-05-2019Photosouthmalverns.jpg
Three Choirs Way - Done!06-05-2019TextOriginally I'd pencilled in the end of June to finish this walk, but a cheeky Bank Holiday outing saw me finish the walk into Gloucester and I was home for lunch! Check out the Previous Expeditions page for a full report.
Boots failure05-05-2019TextAfter recently returning my Lowa boots due to leakage, I was very disappointed to have a failure with my Scarpa boots! This time one of the lace eyelets broke. I did consider repairs but having purchased them from Cotswold with a two year guarantee, decided to return them to see what they could do. Good as gold, they refunded me my money without question and I purchased another pair (Keen Karraig). we'll see how they get on!
Three Choirs Way03-05-2019TextFrom Worcester to the South end of the Malvern Hills was on very familiar terrain. Headed out of Worcester along the River Severn and along the Teme to join the alternative route at Powick. From there across the Old Hills and up to Malvern. The route allows a free route choice along the Malvern Hills and down to the South end. I encountered some rain at British Camp but thanks to some fast walking/slow jogging I got to the cafe before the heavens opened! 21 miles in total leaving a reasonably short final section into Gloucester.
Three Choirs Part 302-05-2019TextThe final section is from Worcester back down to Gloucester. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing about 2/3 of that on a cheeky day out. No camping this time, so travelling light. That leaves just one final section to squeeze in somewhere. The weather is not promising but hey ho.
Rhinogs Ramble21-04-2019TextWell the weather held for a fantastic day out in the Rhinog mountains of mid-Wales. There are some seriously steep ascents here with equally steep descents coupled with a lack of footpaths over some of the peaks made for a tough day out. Three new peaks bagged and one revisited with over 1,700m of climbing in 25km.
Rhinogs20-04-2019TextLooking forward to a day out on the Rhinog mountains tomorrow. If the weather holds it will be a great day out! Report to follow.
Cadair Idris19-04-2019TextFabulous Easter weather saw me climbing several peaks in the Cadair Idris area including an exciting ascent of Cadair itself via a narrow gulley at the far end of Llyn Cau. A quick trek out to Mynydd Moel for a new 'bag' then back via Cadair again and I followed the ridge line with amazing views of the Barmouth Estuary bagging two more peaks right down to Barmouth itself. Four peaks bagged, three of them new ones, 23km walked and 1,305m of ascent.
Mid-Wales17-04-2019TextNo sooner home than packing to go away again. This time to mid-Wales for a day out on Cader Idris, mid-Wales highest summit, then a day on the Arans which are a lovely group of mountains South West of Bala. Weather looks promising. Can't wait!
Lake District Weekend15-04-2019TextWell, what an amazing weekend! The weather was incredible, the views from the tops just awesome and I managed to bag a few new peaks including Catstycam which is my new favourite mountain - why?, well, read the trip report and you'll find out! A few old friends also revisited. Over the weekend, 20 identified tops, 11 new peaks, 67km walked with a total ascent of 3,292m.
Three Choirs Part 230-03-2019Photothreechoirs2.jpg
Three Choirs Part 116-03-2019Photothreechoirs1.jpg
Lake District03-04-2019TextStarting to think about my trip to the Lake District in a week or so. Got lots planned to do over the weekend and am staying an extra day as it is so far to drive (over 200 miles each way). Some new Peaks to add to my list and some old friends. Currently compiling the huge list of 'stuff' to take. Let's hope for good weather.
Three Choirs Part 230-03-2019TextThat's the second section of the Three Choirs Way completed. This time from Hereford to Worcester with an overnight camping in the garden at the very pleasant Pink Pub near Bromyard. Gammon and Chips to die for! Excellent weather both days. See the report in the Previous Expeds section.
Three Choirs26-03-2019TextI'm getting very accomplished at packing my rucsac for a weekend trip now and can mostly dispense with my endless lists although I must confess to having a quick peek to make sure there's nothing I've forgotten. Normally I have one of those 'oh yeah' moments when I realise I've forgotten the tent!
Three Choirs Part 220-03-2019TextHot on the heels of Part 1, I'm now preparing for part 2 - Hereford to Worcester. A similar distance and similar terrain with a slightly revised kit list to try and make the pack a little lighter - difficult when it was already almost as light as it could be, but some creature comforts are being dispensed with (i.e. my favourite camping seat!).
Three Choirs Part 116-03-2019TextOver Friday and Saturday I completed the first of the three sections of the Three Choirs Way. Electing to start at Gloucester, I walked to Hereford with an overnight stop around 18 miles in Much Marcle. Pleasant walking in nice countryside with good path markings. See the full report for all the details and photos.
Three Choirs12-03-2019TextPlans are in place for the first leg of the Walk this coming weekend. Gloucester to Hereford is 30 miles over two days with a wild camp around the 15-18 mile mark. Hoping for reasonable weather, but at the moment it is looking unlikely!
Three Choirs Part 105-03-2019TextNo sooner am I back from one trip than I'm planning the next. This time it's Stage One of the Three Choirs Way from Gloucester to Hereford which promises to be a very pleasant walk. I'm intending to do it over two days with a wild camp half way. No big mountains but good training with a heavier sac.
Dovedale Update03-03-2019TextI've updated the Dovedale Walk in the Previous Expeds section to reflect the changes and my experiences from the weekend. Take a look, it may inspire you to get out there and see it first hand.
Peak District Circular01-03-2019TextAn excellent day out in the Peak District. My walk started from Ilam Hall Youth Hostel - which is in National Trust grounds and well worth a visit in its own right. I crossed over to Dovedale and found the steepest ascent of Thorp Cloud possible - direct from the middle by the River. Not content with that, I descended and climbed again from the stepping stones. From there, along Dovedale to Milldale where, disappointingly the Coffee shop was closed. As a change to previous walks, I followed the path back along the Dove but on the opposite side until Raven Tor, then ascended the side and crossed over to Stanshope - a really nice climb up, excellent views of the Dale and quiet. From there to Wetton where I finally got my coffee in the pub. A short walk down to Thors Cave and an explore then I dropped down to the Manifold Valley and followed that until the bridge where there is another good pull up to meet a footpath which runs parallel with the river but several hundred feet higher. Finally dropping down again to enter the Ilam Country park and back to the YHA. Sixteen miles covered and 2,200 feet of ascent. An excellent day out by any standards. Coffee and Gingerbread at the NT cafe finished it nicely.
Peak District Weekend26-02-2019TextLooking forward to another outing to the Peak District this weekend. Planning on staying at Ilam Hall Youth Hostel and walking Dovedale and back via the Manifold Valley. Probably my most favourite place in the world and somewhere I've been visiting almost all of my life.
Camera Clip and Cover Review19-02-2019TextKeen on outdoor photography? Why not take a look at my Review page where I've just added a review of the Peak Design Camera Clip and Rain Cover.
Black Mountains Report15-02-2019TextA full report of my Black Mountains walk from Crickhowell to Waun Fach and back is on the Previous Expeditions page - check it out under the 'UK Wales' tab.
Black Mountains Roundabout15-02-2019TextI've always liked the Black Mountains and today was no exception. Clear blue sky and reasonable temperatures made for an excellent day out. The route took me from Crickhowell, over Table Mountain and Pen Allt Mawr to steeply drop down into the valley and a direct ascent of Waun Fach (the highest in the area) which gave me just over 1200' of direct ascent and several false summits, followed by a return route along the ridge and down to Llanbedr. A final couple of road miles back into Crickhowell were a little disappointing but other than that, a fine day out.
Planning, planning, planning10-02-2019TextSo, what to do on a weekend of no walking - answer, planning the next ones! Over this weekend I sorted out my routes for the Lake District weekend in April - Helvellyn area twice and Grasmere once, plus mid-Wales over Easter - Cadair Idris to Barmouth and a walk along the Arans Ridge. Plenty of new peaks to tick off in my Mountains Book - can't wait!
Return of the Three Peaks03-02-2019TextThis time I walked from Winchcombe over Cleeve Hill, Nottingham Hill and Overton Hill in reverse of Fridays outing. Much of the wonderful snow had gone with Cleeve Hill now showing patchy grass and Overton Hill all but clear of it. 16 miles this time.
Cleeve Hill Summit01-02-2019Photocleevehill.jpg
Oxenton Hill01-02-2019Photooxentonhill.jpg
Gloucestershire Three Peaks01-02-2019TextA nice circuit from Tewkesbury following the Gloucestershire Way for a while until detouring to the summit of Oxenton Hill, then dropping down to pick up the Winchcombe Way over Nottingham Hill and Cleeve Hill. After locating the summit of Cleeve Hill in very wintery conditions which required my Black Diamond Gloves and new Fjallraven hat, I sought refuge in the Rising Sun for a welcome coffee before dropping down to Bishops Cleeve and returning via Stoke Orchard and Fiddington, retracing my steps on the Gloucestershire Way. 21 miles total distance with plenty of snow on the ground.
Full Calendar31-01-2019TextWell, the 2019 calendar is filling up with lots of training weekends in preparation for my Elbrus trip in August. So far, I've pencilled in the 3-Choirs Way, a long weekend in the Lake District, another Peak District weekend, North Wales for the Welsh 3000s and Easter in mid-Wales, not to mention a few cycling events to help with the Cardio Vascular fitness.
Kinder Scout20-01-2019Photopeaks2.jpg
Thorp Cloud18-01-2019Photopeaks1.jpg
Kinder Surprise20-01-2019TextOne of my favourite areas of the Peak District is Kinder Scout. It is bleak at times, beautiful at others and this weekend a combination of both with a good snowfall and low lying cloud made for an interesting day out. My start point was Castleton, climbing out through Cave Dale then across to Mam Tor and the great ridge down to Hollins Cross. From there I made my way to Edale and up Grindsbrook onto the plateau then across to Jacobs Ladder and back over the great ridge to Castleton again. Around 15-16 miles in total.

I was amazed how many people I came across who asked for directions, especially on Kinder and how many were clearly unprepared, wearing thin clothes, jeans and trainers. Kinder is serious, getting lost is easy and in those conditions, the consequences could be dire. Take a map and compass and know how to use them!
Peak Cycling19-01-2019TextI’d intended to ride the High Peak Trail, cross over to the Monsal Trail and follow that back to Bakewell and a few road miles to Matlock. Climbing up to Black Rocks I encountered snow but pressed on in the hope it would clear. The next big climb up to Middleton Top was in even more snow and by the time I got to the top it was almost impassable so i abandoned, rode down to Matlock, then to Bakewell and rode the Monsal Trail out and back in muddy slushy snow then back to Matlock. Lots of rain, some light snow but 50 miles covered so happy with that.
Dovedale dash18-01-2019TextA rain free but cold day out in Dovedale hit the spot just nicely. I walked from Ashbourne picking up the River Dove at Mapleton and followed it to the Stepping Stones, then an ascent of Thorpe Cloud followed by a descent and a second ascent. Well I am training for a big mountain in August. From there through Thorpe and back along the Tissington trail.
Peak District10-01-2019TextLooking forward to my first trip of 2019. Off to the Peak District in a week or so for a long weekend. Planning on some walking and some off-road cycling.
Malvern Extension27-12-2018Photogloucestershireway908.jpg
Gloucestershire Way - Malvern 27-12-2018TextA warm December day out linking the Gloucestershire Way, Severn Way, Three Choirs Way and Worcestershire Way. 15 miles of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire walking with the Malvern Hills as a finale. Nice day out.
Brecon Beacons14-12-2018Photobrecons20181214-1.jpg
Cold Day on the Brecons14-12-2018TextA very cold day out in the Brecon Beacons I climbed Fan Frynych (629m) before dropping down to cross the road and ascend Corn Du (873m) and onto Pen-y-Fan (886m). The forecast said -4 deg C, with the wind chill I reckon at least -10 deg C. So cold in fact, even taking a glove off for a few seconds made the hands really cold. I wore a thermal base layer, Stellar Mid-Layer, Stellar Down Jacket and yes, you guessed, a Stellar Windproof along with Rab winter gloves and my favourite Russian Hat, which, after many years service is going to be replaced as it is beginning to show its age.
2019 Expedition Booked07-12-2018TextAfter weeks of agonising over trip choices, I signed up to climb Elbrus in August 2019. The highest Peak in Europe at 5,642m, located in Russia it will be a challenge but one I am looking forward to.
Brecons Beacons17-11-2018Photobrecons.jpg
Brecons Day out17-11-2018TextA day out in the Brecons is always a good day out, today the sun shone all day and the cloud cleared quickly. As usual I parked up at the Storey Arms and headed West up Fan Fawr, followed by Dringarth and Fan Nedd, returning via the Roman Road to Sarn Helen and an ascent of Fan Frynych before walking following parallel to the A470. 12 1/2 miles with 1100m of ascent.
Finally...04-11-2018TextFinally flew out of Lukla this morning but not to Kathmandu, but a remote country airfield. Followed by a 5 hour bus journey which actually wasn't all that bad and we got to see rural Nepal.
Disaster!03-11-2018TextWe were supposed to fly back to Kathmandu today but the weather took a turn for the worse and all flights were cancelled so we had to have an extra night in the Lodge.
Phakding to Lukla02-11-2018TextMore easy walking bought us back to Lukla where we fly back to Kathmandu.
Khyamgjuma to Phakding01-11-2018TextVia Namche Bazaar for some final souvenirs and a coffee and cake it was pretty much all downhill to Phakding and very easy walking.
Dingboche to Khyamgjuma31-10-2018TextThe trek passes through the Tengboche Monastery which is just beautiful and well worth the rather stiff climb to get to it. The cafe sold us cheese and tomato sandwiches which were a real treat. Just before we descended to the river again we could see Namche Bazaar and the Everest View Hotel in the distance.
Chukkung Ri and Dingboche Trek30-10-2018TextThe final peak at 5,546m was another tough one with only a few members of the group attempting it. About two hours up and an hour down saw some great celebrations on the top of our third Peak. The trek to Dingboche was easy, being mostly downhill.
Chukkung via the Kongma La29-10-2018TextThe Kongma La is hard! No question. I managed it but the legs were complaining most of the way. The start is over a glacier which is not too bad, but the path soon deteriorates into a bouldery scramble and ascents via some very small paths, often slippery. The summit is 5,528m.
Ascent of Kala Pattar28-10-2018TextAlmost outside the door is the start to Kala Patthar rising as it does to 5,643m. It takes a couple of hours to reach the summit and a further hour or so to return. From there we trekked back to Lobuche for a second night in the same accommodation.
Lobuche to Gorakshep27-10-2018TextOn the main Everest Base Camp trail the number of people increased dramatically. Gorakshep for lunch, which is a pretty small place, smaller than I thought but from here we visited the Everest Base Camp itself which is quite an undertaking to get to - I was pretty wasted and cold on the way back. EBC is quiet at this time of year for climbers but heaving with visitors.
Dzongla to Lobuche26-10-2018TextAfter yesterday, it was a pretty tiring day so took it reasonably easy. No major objectives to overcome.
Cho La Pass25-10-2018TextDragnag to Dzongla is over the Cho La pass which is a real tough and long climb with a maximum altitude of 5,420m. An early start saw us walking in the dark for an hour or so. The sun never really shone on us, being masked by the surrounding mountains so it never really warmed up.
Gokyo Ri and Dragnag24-10-2018TextGokyo Ri stands at 5,357m and is quite a climb so we had an early start and saw the dawn come up over the mountains behind us. The trek to Dragnag across the Ngozumba Glacier was tough going but once across it eased to a nice walk down to the lodge.
Renjo La and to Gokyo Lake22-10-2018TextOver the pass at 5,360m we descended to the beautiful Gokyo Lakes area. Beautiful views of Everest, Nuptse and Puomori from the top of the pass made the effort worthwhile.
Lungren to Renjo Lake21-10-2018TextShort trek in the direction of the Renjo La put us in a good position to tackle the pass tomorrow. Our one and only camping night.
Thame to Lungren20-10-2018TextOff the Everest route we trekked to the quiet hamlet of Lungren at 4,380m. Nice hamlet but only a few lodges and even fewer facilities, but great views!
Thame and our first Monastery18-10-2018TextTrekking out to Thame, we had the opportunity to visit a Monastery - in my case, three times! Also gained an altitude of 4,300m
Namche Bazaar16-10-2018TextNamche Bazaar is the stuff of legends! Featuring in many early mountaineering accounts, being there was awesome! We had a trek out to the Everest View Hotel which, as the name suggests, gave us excellent views of Sagmartha (Everest).
Trek to Phakding15-10-2018TextAfter flying to Kathmandu and taking an internal flight to Lukla, we trekked out to Phakding which sits at an altitude of just over 2,800m. The adventure has begun.
Nepal T-409-10-2018TextOnly four days to go before I fly out to Kathmandu for the trip of a lifetime! Everything is packed and ready to go and well within the weight limit!
Malvern Hills day out30-09-2018TextA change to the plan saw me walking from the Old Hills at Callow End to the Malvern Hills and the full length of the hills from North Hill to Chase End Hill. 14.5 miles total walking in five hours. All good with the boots, feet and legs so happy with the final training session before the big trip.
Final Training Day26-09-2018TextPlanning a day out in the Brecons this weekend as a final training day before going to Nepal. Thinking about the Western side on Fawr, Llia and maybe Dringarth or perhaps head back and take in Pen-y-Fan. Hoping the weather will be kind.
Kinder Scout new route09-09-2018TextAs part of the Jagged Globe training weekend, we had a walk up onto Kinder Scout from the Snake Pass. Interesting route along an old Drovers trail, then up pretty direct to the plateau. A new route for me, so most enjoyable. That's it now - countdown to Nepal! Only 33 days to go.
Dovedale dash07-09-2018TextNice day out from Ashbourne over to the river Dove then follow that to the head of Dovedale. Ascent of Thorpe Cloud, return via Thorpe and out to Swinscoe Hill and back to Ashbourne. About 11 miles.
Nepal Training Weekend30-08-2018TextLooking forward to a training weekend in the Peak District with my future companions to Nepal. Planning to go up a day early for a cheeky day walking around Ashbourne or maybe Matlock.
Severn Way27-08-2018Photosourcellandiloes03.jpg
Severn Way - Done!27-08-2018TextOn a wet and windy day in Wales I made my way up to the source of the River Severn from the car park in Hafron Forest some 3 1/2 miles away, then began the 12 mile walk back down again and onto Llanidloes to the bridge that would be the end of the day and also the end of the 210 miles that is the entire way. It has been an epic walk and a labour of love over the last few years but it is done now and I'm looking for my next challenge.
Severn Way 25-08-2018TextToday’s section from Llanidloes to Caersws was a lovely section of Welsh countryside with some awesome views but not of the Severn! That is seen at the start then not again until almost the end of the day. At just under 10 miles it’s not far and leaves me just 15 miles to finish the entire way which I’ll either do tomorrow or Monday.
Gloucestershire Way18-08-2018TextChepstow to Gloucester over 2 1/2 days completes the entire way. See the full report on the Previous Expeds page. Next weekend I'm completing the Severn Way all being well, so looking forward to that.
New Reviews19-08-2018TextSee my review of the Telemark 2 lightweight tent on the Reviews page. Very pleased with it after a couple of days wild camping.
Final Gloucestershire Way13-08-2018TextLooking forward to a three day wild camping weekend to complete the Gloucestershire Way. I have 40 miles left from Chepstow to Gloucester to do. I've packed and repacked the gear several times but it still feels too heavy! Oh well, man up! The following weekend I'll be finishing the Severn Way but that's just 25 miles and I'll be staying in a hotel so quite a contrast.
Donnington Brewery06-07-2018Photostowtewkesbury04.jpg
Malvern Hills10-08-2018Photomalverns.jpg
Upton to Callow End10-08-2018TextFully loaded, almost! The 10 mile walk from Upton to Callow End went as well as it could. There are a few uphill sections which made me notice the extra weight but nothing I couldn't deal with. My old 90 litre Lowe Alpine 'sac is still as comfortable as ever and swallowed the gear with room to spare. We'll see how I get on with three days of wild camping next weekend.
Full Pack test09-08-2018TextWell, the rucsac is packed with most of the stuff I'm going to need for my camping trip next weekend so that tomorrow I can do a quick (or slow) 10 mile walk to see how it feels. I've put most of the things I'll be taking in apart from the food for three days so it should give me a good idea!
Malvern Hills20-07-2018TextGreat day out walking on the Malvern Hills. Welland to Upton is still a bit iffy - there must be a really good way of doing it! 16 miles done. The icing on the cake was chilling out at the Upton Blues Festival for the afternoon before being chauffered home. Why can't all walks be like that?
Malvern Hills19-07-2018TextLooking forward to a cheeky walk on the Malvern Hills tomorrow. Get some steep stuff done as part of the Nepal build up which is now less than 100 days away!
Gloucestershire Way06-07-2018TextIt was a super hot day and a very long walk, but I completed the section from Stow to Tewkesbury so was well pleased with that. My legs were far from happy and the rest of the evening was spent feeling very sorry for myself. Total distance was 26 miles over nine hours.
Gloucestershire Way22-06-2018TextAnother section of the Gloucestershire Way completed today. This time from Coberley to Stow on the Wold which was 18.5 miles and means I have now completed the Way from Gloucester to Stow. Full report on the Previous Expeditions page.
Gloucestershire Way05-07-2018TextLooking forward to another section of the excellent Gloucestershire way tomorrow. Something of an ambitious section from Stow on the Wold (my last finishing point) all the way to Tewkesbury which is 24.5 miles! I do have a bale out at Winchcombe which is 13 miles. Weather looks good so we'll see. Full report to follow.
Sneaky Snowdonia23-06-2018TextManaged a sneaky afternoon climb of Crib Goch in glorious sunshine. A direct route out of Pen-y-Pass avoided the crowds to the foot of the climb but then I joined them. Luckily most were on the Miners or Pyg track so not too bad. Time limits meant I had to drop down before Crib-y-Dysgll which was a shame.
Lake District Trip07-05-2018TextThree days of excellent walking in the Lake District with seven new peaks bagged and fantastic weather made for an awesome long weekends walking. See the full report on the 'Previous Expedition' page. Also see my review of the Stellar Equipment trousers recently purchased.
Lake District Weekend29-04-2018TextLooking forward to a few days in the Lake District next weekend. Hopeful 'bags' include Helvellyn via Striding Edge, Scafell and Symonds Knot via Lords Rake and Crinkle Crags via Bowfell. Can't wait!
Black Mountains quickie14-04-2018TextAn ascent of Waun Fach from Cwmcadarn via an interesting scramble up a stream let to the summit ridge. Very steep in places and quite wet but a very rewarding route up. Along the ridge, then across to the Rhos Dirion ridge and back down. Short by my standards but a nice way to spend a sunny Saturday morning.
Cheeky morning04-04-2018TextCheeky morning walk planned in the Black Mountains in a couple of weeks whilst the other half has her Christmas present - a Pony Trek. Early May is the next big one with a trip to the Lake District Planned; Helvellyn, Scafell and hopefully Lords Rake are on the list as will be some others as I will be there for four days.
Carneddau Day Out01-04-2018TextStarting out at the Northern end of the Carnedds initially following the North Wales path it was a steady climb to Drum, a new peak for me and a snowy one too. In fact snow would be a constant feature of the day. Luckily I wasn’t the first up here so could take advantage of a broken trail. From Drum onto the familiar peaks of Foel Fras, Garnedd Uchaf and Foel Grach and finally the big one; Llewellyn at 1064m. Four of the Welsh 3000s in about 13 miles of walking. Great day out!
Severn Way25-03-2018TextTwo excellent days in the Welsh Countryside walking the Severn Way. Day 1 was from Caersws to Welshpool covering about 22 miles and Day 2 from Welshpool to near Shrawardine at about 18 miles which now only leaves the first 25 miles or thereabouts to complete the entire way. Check out the full report on the Previous Expeds pages.
Severn Way18-03-2018TextLooking forward to another section of the Severn Way next weekend. The plan is to camp at Caersws then walk to Welshpool on Day 1, then from there to Shrawardine on Day 2. That only leaves the first 25 miles or so to do to complete the entire route!
Gloucestershire Way17-03-2018TextA cancelled bike event gave me the chance of a sneaky section of the Gloucestershire Way. All in the Forest of Dean, I walked from Parkend for about four and a quarter hours and back, covering just over 12 miles. Excellent section, very well waymarked so happy with that. Much better than the section I did last time.
Severn Way13-03-2018TextLooking forward to another section of the Severn Way in a week or so. This time its from Caersws to (near) Shrewsbury over two days. It's just under 40 miles which will then only leave the first 22-23 miles to the source and I will have completed the entire 210 miles.
Coberley to Gloucester09-03-2018TextFirst stage of the Gloucestershire Way ticked off. It wasn't the start stage, but the first stage that I've done! It is an enjoyable walk, but suffers quite badly from poor signage and indistinct paths. I did it the 'wrong way' compared to the guide and I think it might be easier to navigate if done the correct way, but I lost the path several times and had to rely on my Ordnance Survey maps to relocate -
warning - take a full set! One useful tip - it follows the Severn Way, then the Glevum Way for a while, and also the Cotswold Way and even the Gustav Holst Way in places!
Gloucestershire Way08-03-2018TextWith the Severn Way almost finished, I've turned my attention to the next challenge; the Gloucestershire Way. Tomorrow I'll be walking the section from Crickley Hill to Gloucester which is around 14-15 miles.
Severn Way Walk09-02-2018TextOldbury on Severn to Severn Beach to finish the official way, then from there another 14 miles or so into Bristol City centre giving a total day of 22 miles! So now I've completed the route from about 10 miles West of Shrewsbury to the end. About 65 miles of the first section left to do with about 40 miles of that planned for the end of March - the entire route should be in the bag this year!
Severn Way04-02-2018TextNext Friday I'll be chipping away at the Severn Way with another section from Oldbury on Severn to Bristol - a short 5 miles but an additional link of 10 miles into the City Centre.
Peak District Weekend28-01-2018TextThree great days in the Mountains and trails of the Peak District. Day 1 was a 20 mile walk over the Great Ridge from Castleton to the far side of Kinder Scout and back. Day 2 the twin peaks of Win Hill and Lose Hill and Day 3 a Bike Ride along the Monsal Trail and High Peak Trail. See the full report in the Previous Expeds page - Peak District winter 2018.
Top Tip18-01-2018TextPreparing my gear for the next trip, I realised I didn't have a map case. Now I really don't like carrying a map so usually wear trousers with a map pocket, but what if it rains? I started to look around for a suitable map case. What struck me was that they seem to be inflexible so won't fit in my pocket and can be quite pricey for a good one. Most of them come with a lanyard which can be hung around the neck. Back in the day I had one of those - they are the worst thing ever in the wind, you constantly fight with them and get battered in the face! Solution; I purchased a box of medium sized freezer bags. Folding the map right I can fit it in the bag, it has a good waterproof zip lock and for £2.50 for 10 only needs to last a few trips and I am well ahead. My box of 10 should easily last me a year!
Peak District Weekend08-01-2018TextAnother weekend planned in the Peak District. This time an ascent of Kinder Scout via the Edale Youth Hostel route and an ambitious trek across the plateau to Kinder Downfall and return. Then next day a route across the Great Ridge and around to Win Hill and back, then the final day a cycle ride along the Monsal Trail to check it out for a future group trip. Can't wait!
Black Mountains Loop31-12-2017TextLlanthony Priory is an excellent starting point for a walk on the Black Mountains. There are toilets, free parking and a cafe - what more could you want? My New Years Eve route took me onto Hatterall Ridge which is actually Offas Dyke and the Welsh/English border. From here a good walk of about 2 1/2 hours to Hay Bluff, then across to Herefords Knob and return on the Darren Lwyd Ridge, dropping down into Capel-Y-Ffin for a short walk along the road before heading up again and following the line of Bal Mawr and back to Llanthony. About 16 miles and just over 5,000 feet of ascent. Weather was pretty awful but I got to test my waterproofs!
Malvern to Tewkesbury15-12-2017TextA cheeky day off saw me catching a train to Malvern and walking to Tewkesbury via the Malvern Hills, which still had a good amount of snow, then over to Welland and a sneaky route to Upton via some doubtful paths and a disused railway line. From Upton, down to the River and along that to Tewkesbury. Eight hours, 24 miles!
Snowing!10-12-2017TextWell, we had a big dump of snow today. Gear on and out for a walk! I dug out my old Rohan padded trousers and tried out the new Mountain Equipment waterproofs. All was good and I was toasty. I'm not ready to review the waterproofs just yet, I need some good rain to try them properly, but so far, so good.
Worcestershire Way05-12-2017TextJust came across a report I wrote way back of my successful Worcestershire Way run. 36 miles in 8 hours - I was fit in those days! Its on the Expeditions Page under 'Long Distance Walks' - go take a look, it might inspire you!
Brecons Walk01-12-2017TextParked up at the Storey Arms. Beautiful clear day but with a bitingly cold wind. Four peaks bagged on the Western side and 16 miles walked. Didn't see a single person all day. Great day out and the bacon roll and coffee at the car park cafe finished the day off nicely!
Brecons Day out23-11-2017TextCurrently planning a cheeky day out to the Brecons in a week or so. Hoping for some rain so I can check out my new Mountain Equipment waterproofs - I doubt I will be disappointed!
Equipment Reviews20-11-2017TextSlowly adding reviews of my favourite outdoor gear. Check it out and let me know what you think! I'm always looking for new stuff so if you have something you think is the business, contact me and let me know.
Peak District11-11-2017TextA group of seven of us, led by me made an ascent of Kinder Scout using the Jacobs Ladder route to walk via the summit cairn and Red Brook to Kinder Downfall where we scattered my Uncle's ashes. It was an emotional trip, but in his memory, we all had a Mars Bar and shared a hip flask of JD. The weather was reasonably kind to us - no rain, but a strong very cold wind meant that layers stayed on.
Severn Way03-11-2017TextA small section North of Worcester that I missed out on previously has now been walked (in both directions). I had a day to kill in Worcester waiting for a car service so took a cheeky walk out to Grimley and back. It is a lovely section and would make a great day out if arrival time at Grimley was around 12:30, lunch could be had at the Wagon Wheel. I got there at 10:00am!
Peak District28-10-2017TextOnly a couple of weeks to go until we are off to the Peak District again. Mixed emotions as it is a family trip to scatter my Uncles ashes. Be great to go walking with everyone again though.
Severn Way20-10-2017TextYou may have read that I am walking the Severn Way one stage at a time. There is a small section North of Worcester that remains unwalked but soon that will be rectified. I have a day in Worcester waiting for a car service so will be sneaking off to complete the section. Slight snag is that I need to walk it in both directions but as it is only 4 miles should not be a problem. Report to follow.
Website development12-10-2017TextWell, the website is coming on. I've converted it to a 'responsive' site and updated all of the reports with photos and layout changes. I hope you like it! Feel free to read the pages and let me know if you spot any spelling mistakes, inaccuracies or anything else.
Peak District Trip - Sunday08-10-2017TextAn ascent of Mam Tor from the Edale valley and along the ridge to Hollins Cross and return. A good couple of hours in excellent weather.
Peak District Trip - Saturday07-10-2017TextUp onto Kinder Scout again, this time via Jacobs Ladder to see how it compares to the Grindsbrook approach. This will be the ascent route in November! Another good day with just a little rain for the final hour.
Peak District Trip - Friday.06-10-2017TextMy trip to the Peak District was a great success. I walked up Grindsbrook from Edale to the top of Kinder Scout, then directly across to join the path that would lead me to the summit and onwards to Kinder Downfall. The weather was amazing and some great photos taken.
Peak District Weekend03-01-2018TextSo, this weekend I am off to the Peak District again to check out some routes onto Kinder Scout in preparation for leading a group there in November.
Success on Kilimanjaro25-09-2017TextOn Monday 25th September 17, along with eight others and our four guides, we successfully ascended to the summit of Kilimanjaro via the Western Breach.
AreaDateDistance(km)Max Alt(m)DetailsEdit
Black Fell19-05-202317.0664Black Fell (664m), Tom Smiths Stone Top (637m), Grey Nag (656m) from Gilderdale Bridge. Superb weather but tough going with no paths and difficult terrain.
Scafell18-05-202319.0910Nine peaks from Wasdale; Lingmell (800m), Middleboot Knots (703m), Round How (741m), Great End (910m), Esk Pike (885m), Seathwaite Fell South Top (631m), Seathwaite Fell (632m).

Good weather but a very cold wind all day.
Great Gable17-05-202323.0797Five peaks from Wasdale YHA; Seatallan(692m), Haycock(797), Little Gowder Crag(733m), Caw Fell(690m), Iron Crag(640m). Glorious weather and excellent visibility.
Great Gable16-05-202318.0892Eight peaks out and back from Wasdale Head; Yewbarrow(628m), Stirrup Crag (616m), Red Pike (826m), Little Scoat Fell (841m), Steeple (819m), Black Crag (828m), Pillar (892m), Looking Stead (627m). Mixed weather but on the whole good.
Scafell15-05-202322.0902From Langdale, ascent of Pike of Blisco (705m), Cold Pike (701m), Cold Pike West Top (683m), old Pike Far West Top (670m), Great Knott (696m), [Bow Fell (902m)], Bow Fell North Top (866m), Rossett Pike (651m), Loft Crag (680m). Ex cellent weather all day apart from about five minutes of rain.
Great Shunner14-05-202317.0709Four Peaks; Sails(667m), Hugh Seat (689m), Gregory Chapel (695m), High Seat(709m). Fairly good going, some wet and boggy sections. Weather was dull and overcast most of the day, but not cold.
Peak District13-05-20237.0458Walk up to Stanage Edge and along to High Neb and back. Glorious weather.
Peak District13-05-202311.0422Walk from the Fox House near Hathersage around the moors near Burbage. Easy walk, weather was superb.
High Street06-05-202314.0802FromHartsop to Howtown via five peaks; Rest Dodd (696m), Rampsgill Head (792m), High Raise (802m), Wether Hill (670m), Loadpot Hill (671m). Even better weather with good views all day.
High Street05-05-202325.0828From Troutbeck to Kentmere via 8 peaks; Yoke (706m), Ill Bell (757m), Froswick (720m), Thornythwaite Crag (784m), High Street (828m), Rough Crag (628m), Harter Fell (778m), Kentmere Pike (730m). Good weather, cloudy in the morning but brighter in the afternoon.
Burnhope Seat15-04-20232.5612A quick walk up from the car park only gains around 40m of altitude but it was a boggy, pathless ascent so actually not so straightforward.
Hadrians Wall14-04-202324.039A long tarmac walk into and out of Newcastle and on to the finish at Segedunum, then the extension to Arbeia in South Shields. Dull walking with no views.
Hadrians Wall13-04-202326.0214Followed the road more or less from Portgate to Heldon, then down to the river for the final section into Newcastle. Pretty dull walking with nothing of interest.
Hadrians Wall12-04-202330.0331Steel Rigg to Portgate. The day started with snow and the afternoon rained, the rest of the day was just cold. Interesting first half but pretty dull second half.
Hadrians Wall10-04-202318.0339Birdoswald to Steel Rigg. Starting to get a little harder walking now with lots of undulations. The weather has deteriorated as well with rain showers all day making it a much harder day all round. Lots of wall to see which was good.
Hadrians Wall09-04-202329.0168Carlisle to Birdoswald. Easy walking, good weather but breezy. Not so much tarmac today and also the first glimpse of the wall.
Hadrians Wall08-04-202324.031Bowness to Carlisle. Easy walking, good weather but breezy. Lots of tarmac which is disappointing.
Great Shunner Group07-04-20235.0640Just one hour and ten minutes for the final peak in the Howgills (Fell Head). A glorious day with views over the Lake District and to the coast, plus the entire Howgills range made the steep ascent well worth it
Calf Top16-03-202312.0610Ascent of Calf Top from Barbon. More or less straight up to Castle Knott then across a boggy moor to the final ascent. Weather was dreadful.
Clough Head16-03-20238.5726Ascent of Clough Head from just South of Threlkeld via White Pike. Weather was dreadful, no view.
Scafell15-03-202315.0669Walk up Grains Gill from Borrowdale to Sprinkings Tarn and back. Weather was okay, but it was a white-out at the top so I retreated.
Glaramara14-03-202315.0519Another attempt on Glaramara, this time via Coombe Head. The walk in was fine, but a snowstorm put paid to any ascent. Returned and walked up Honister Pass.
Scafell13-03-202319.8726Coldbarrow Fell (656m) also Low Saddle, Ullscarf (726m). Dreadful weather with driving rain and wind. Very wet underfoot. No visibility.
Great Shunner Group12-03-202316.7676Howgill fells Yarlside (639m), RandyGill Top (624m), Bush Howe (623m), The Calf (676m), Bram Rigg Top (672m), Calders (674m). Tough day out, weather was rubbish with no views all day.
Ingleborough11-02-20234.0672Parking is along a lane within 2km of the summit of Great Knoutberry Hill(672m). Along the lane, turn left and straight up. Cloudy day and wet underfoot but not raining.
Great Shunner Fell11-02-20233.0675An easy ascent of Lovely Seat (675m) from the Buttertubs Pass. Straight up and down, although the summit is out of sight until the first ridge is gained. Cloudy on the top.
Ingleborough09-02-202321.0642Birks Fell(610m), Yockenthwaite Moor(643m).

Very windy and cold, but dry. Tough going on the tops of both, no path on the first and a thin track on the second.
Ingleborough 08-02-202322.0694Pen y Gent(694m), Plover Hill(680m), Darnbrook Fell(624m), Fountains Fell South Top(662m), Fountains Fell South Top(662m).

Great weather, initially a bit misty but that blew away and we had a clear but windy and cold day.
Ingleborough07-02-202321.0704Great Whernside (704m), Buckden Pike (702m).

Cloudy from about 1500 feet so no views. Very windy and quite cold. Good paths all the way.
Great Shunner Fell06-02-202327.0708Wild Boar Fell (708m, Swarth Fell (681m), Baugh Fell [Tarn Rigg Hill] (678m), Knoutberry Haw (676m).
Very tough day out with no paths. Weather was okay but it was very cloudy in the afternoon.
Lake District07-11-202214.0621From Ulpha side up to Walna Scar again and the final peak of White Maiden. Awful weather, heavy rain all day and no views!
Lake District06-11-202223.0803Coniston Loop, all bar White Maiden. Weather was awful all day with no let up in the rain. No views and 10-20m visibility all day.
Lake District05-11-202218.0873From Rydal near Ambleside to the Kirkston Pass. Seven peaks conquered. Weather was awful in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon. Finished after dark. Just under six hours of walking
Arans22-10-202210.0689Foel Hafod-fynydd via Llechwedd Du. Tough going over Llechwedd and a huge drop down to a valley and then another huge climb to the summit. Return was the reverse. Rained for the first hour, then overcast.
Derbyshire19-10-202217.6633From Glossop up to Bleaklow head via Cock Hill, then across to Higher Shelf Stones and return to Glossop via the Doctors Gate. Excellent route on good paths with not too much in the way of bog. Good weather but very windy.
Devon06-10-202220.0330Watersmeet to the coast and a section of the Coast Path into Lynmouth. Tough going with over 1,000m of ascent. Excellent day and excellent weather.
Devon03-10-202225.0621Ascent of High Willhays followed by a roundabout including Digger Tor, Okemont Hill, Hanginstone Hill and back to Yes Tor. Excellent day out with ideal walking conditions.
Devon02-10-202222.0316Part of the South West Coast Path from Lynmouth to Combe Martin. A tough but pleasant and easy to follow walk with over 1,100m of climbing despite the highest point (Great Hangman Hill) being just 316m high!
Gloucestershire20-09-202224.0327One of my favourite local walks from Winchcombe to Tewkesbury over Cleeve Hill, Nottingham Hill and Overton Hill. Just under five hours of walking, accompanied by my faithful Collie Rosie who probably did double and still wanted to play at the end!
Glyders01-09-20229.0805From the A5 ascent of Y Foel-goch (805m) and Gallt y Ogof (763) via the East side of Tryfan, returning directly. Excellent weather.
Whernside (Yorkshire)04-08-202218.7736Parked near Yordas Cave. Ascent of Gragareth, Green Hill and Great Coum, then crossed the valley for an ascent of Whernside. Great weather all day.
Ingleborough (Yorkshire)03-08-202217.6723An ascent of Ingleborough from Clapham. Nice walk in past Gaping Ghyll and onto the summit which was in mist. Descent and over to Simon Fell, then back to Clapham via Long Lane.
New Forest23-07-202214.097Walk from Frogham to Bransgore. Mostly flat easy path walking. Tricky navigation as there are dozens of paths and very few obvious features. Very sunny and dry.
Arenigs23-06-20227.5611Ascent of Foel Goch (2,004'). Easy walking on good paths. Excellent weather.
Rhinogs23-06-20229.6612Ascent of Foel Penolau (2,014') and Moel Ysgyfarnogod (2,043') starting at the end of a very narrow track, the ascent was straightforward on mostly good tracks apart from the final ascent to the summit. Penolau seems impossible to complete as it is a wall of rock but there are breaks at the far side. Ysgyfarnogod is an easy walk over. Very hot day with no cloud so route finding was simple.
Rhinogs22-06-20229.5618Ascent of Y Garn (2,063’) from the A470 through the National Trust land past the Falls and the Goldmines. Pleasant walking on paths all but the final summit section.
Moelwyns22-06-202216.0657Completing the Moelwyns with ascents of Moel Penanmen (2,014’), Manod Mawr North Top (2,158’) and Manod Mawr (2,168’). Not such a hot day as yesterday but still quite warm. Good walking but tricky between the Manods as there is a huge quarry in the way!
Moelwyns21-06-202219.5723A super hot day saw ascents of Craigysgafn (2,260) then Ysgafell Wen (2,204’), Ysgafell Wen North Top (2,194’) and Ysgafell Far North Top (2,132’). I had other planned but it was too hot and this group had already been 19km. Tricky route finding with few real paths.
Arenigs20-06-202219.0727Ascent of Rhobell Fawr (2,408’) and Dduallt (2,165’). Great weather and good paths. Rhobell Fawr was the best ascent of the day.
Berwyns20-06-20228.0660Ascent of Post Gwyn (2,181’) to complete the Berwyns. Nice climb but very limited paths after about half way. Superb weather.
Berwyns11-06-202216.5667Cyrniau Nod (2,188') and Cefn Gwyntog (2,017') climbed. Mixed weather with some strong wind and rain, but good visibility. The going is tough in this area with few paths once the main track is left.
Gloucestershire27-05-202223.030Tewkesbury to Mythe Bridge, then to Haw Bridge and return via Deerhurst. Excellent weather but the path is getting overgrown now.
Lake District18-05-202219.0899Nine peaks conquered including one of the highest in the Lake District; Great Gable at a towering 899m. The full list is; Grey Knotts (697m), Brandreth (715m), Base Brown (646m), Green Gable (801m), Great Gable (899m), Kirk Fell East Top (787m), Kirk Fell (802m), Fleetwith Pike (648m), Honister Crag (630m). The weather held out, but was incredibly windy in the morning.
Lake District16-05-202217.0753Five new peaks bagged in the Buttermere region which completes that section. They were; Robinson (737m), Hindscarth (727m), Dale Head (753m), High Spy (653m) and Blea Crag (634m). Cloud on Robinson cleared to give a great day for the remainder.
Lake District15-05-20228.6845Ascent of Atkinson Pike via Sharp Edge followed by the new peak of the day; Bannerdale Crags (683m). Excellent weather and a great morning out.
Lake District14-05-202211.0791Five new peaks in the Buttermere group; Whiteside (707m), Whiteside East (719m), Ladyside Pike (703m), Grisedale Pike (791m) and Hobcarton End (634m) plus repeats of Hopegill Head (770m) and Hobcarton Crag (739m). Great weather and great views. Just over 3 1/2 hours of walking.
Cadair Idris06-05-202212.4678Maesglase(675m) from Dinas Mawddwy. Low cloud and rain all day
Cadair Idris05-05-202225.0893Craig y Llyn (622m), Tyrrau Mawr (661m), Cadair Idris (893m) from Abergynolwyn. Excellent day with no cloud and fantastic views. Ascent via Pony Path to Cadair, descent direct to Llyn Cau.
Cadair Idris04-05-202222.6667Tarrenhendre (634m), Tarren y Gesail (667m) from Abergynolwyn. Very poor day. Cloud and rain all day. Cloud base down to less than 2,000'
Arenigs03-05-20222.5619Foel Boeth (616m), Gallt y Daren (619m) easy ascent from the road below. Forty minute round trip. Good weather, sun shining.
Arenigs03-05-202221.5685Waun Garnedd y Filiast (650m), Carnedd y Filiast (669m), Carnedd Llechwedd-llyfn (643m), Arenig Fach (689m). Weather was okay, dull and overcast but no rain.
Worcestershire20-08-200430.6300Worcestershire Way. Martley to Malvern.
Worcestershire19-08-200432.2300Worcestershire Way. Kingsford to Martley.
Worcestershire16-08-199262.8300Worcestershire Way (Run)
Gloucestershire20-04-202221.0243Final day from Bisley to Kemble. Easy walking with no real hills or views. Pleasant walking along the old canals. The finish is a bit of an antil-climax to be honest.
Gloucestershire19-04-202221.0273Wysis Way Day 3. Gloucester to Bisley via Robinswood Hill. Very pleasant walking through the undulating Gloucestershire countryside. Weather was okay but overcast.
Gloucestershire18-04-202223.0299Wysis Way Day 2. Mitcheldean to Gloucester via May Hill. More good ascents, not high but steep. Great walking and good weather.
Gloucestershire17-04-202228.0273Wysis Way Day 1: Monmouth to Mitcheldean. Good climbs and great walking in the Forest of Dean. Weather was superb.
Gloucestershire31-03-202216.0268Final section of St Kenelms Way from Dumbleton to Winchcombe. Only one real hill on the whole walk which is the Salt Way above Winchcombe. Nice day but very cold and had a snow flurry at one point.
Gloucestershire10-03-202224.0329Teskesbury to Winchcombe along the Gloucestershire Way, the Winchcombe Way and finally the Cotswold Way over Nottingham Hill, Cleeve Hill and Belas Knapp.
Glyders02-03-202221.0947Four peaks in the Glyders plus Y Garn repeat. Walked from Idwal Cottage via Llyn Idwal. Very steep long ascent of Y Garn. Ridge not too bad but weather was awful. Strong wind and rain all day with no view. Final descent is long and thin firstly North, then back along the valley high up before a tricky slippy descent to the old slate road and back to the YHA.
Moel Hebog01-03-202223.0727Nantlle Ridge from Rhydd Ddu and back. Seven peaks with the final peak being some distance on from the ridge. Return is tricky requiring a descent into the valley and then out again through the old slate quarry and forest. Excellent weather with fantastic views.
Moel Hebog28-02-20229.0693Ascent of Mynydd Mawr from Rhydd Ddu. Late afternoon walk. Straightforward ascent but relentless. Weather was okay, some drizzle.
Berwyn28-02-202220.5627Two more 2000' peaks for the collection plus a 500m peak; Moel Fferna (630m), Pen Bwlch Llandrillo Top (621m), Moel yr Henfaes (584m). Weather was not good with rain most of the day. Visibility was pretty good.
Peak District08-02-202213.8220Monsal Trail from Bakewell to the viaduct and back. Nice easy walking on a good trail.
Peak District07-02-20225.2443Exploring the Goyt Valley. Lots more to visit and will be worth a return visit. Excellent views and good paths.
Peak District07-02-20226.2424Exploring Buxton Park. Nice walking but quite limited.
Peak District06-02-202227.7302Hartington to Milldale, then across to the Manifold Valley via Wetton. Return to Hartington via Sheen. Dove was flooded in many places and out of the valley it was very windy.
Gloucestershire01-02-202222.830Tewkesbury down to Haw Bridge on Eastern side then return to Mythe Bridge and back. Good weather but very windy.
Gloucestershire23-01-202215.230Coombe Hill to Tewkesbury via Wildlife Sanctuary and River Severn.
Plynlimon15-01-202216.0752All Five 2,000' Peaks conquered in just 3 1/2 hours and were (in order); Y Garn(684m), Pen Pumlumon Fawr(752m), Pumlumon Fach(664m), Pen Pumlumon Llygad-bychan(727m) and Pen Pumlumon Arwystli(741m). The weather was kind, although the higher peaks were in mist most of the day.
Gloucestershire21-12-202124.7313From Tewkesbury to Winchcombe via the Gloucestershire Way and then the Winchcombe Way. Good weather all day but quite cold.
Gloucestershire28-11-202117.0268St Kenelms Way Part 4 from Dumbleton to Winchcombe. Nice easy walking with only one climb up the Salt Way near Winchcombe. Good weather, but very cold with ice and snow on the ground.
Snowdon26-11-202116.5723From Llanberis along the main ascent of Snowdon to the Halfway House, then contoured around to the saddle near Dur Arddu and directly up Moel Cynghorion (674m), then to Foel Goch (605m), up to Foel Gron (629m) and finally Moel Eilio (726m). Good visibility for most of the day (except on Eilio) but very strong winds all day.
Snowdon25-11-202120.5898From Pen y Pass YHA initially followed Miners Track, then direct across to ascend Gallt y Wenallt (619m) then onto the Horseshoe for Lliwedd Bach (818m), Y Lliwedd main summit (898m) and then over to Yr Aran (747m) and back via Nantgwnant and Llyn Gwynant along the valley footpath.
Moel Hebog24-11-202115.5783From Beddgelert to Moel Hebog (783m), Moel yr Ogof (655m) and Moel Lefn (638m). Poor conditions and low cloud.
Gloucestershire17-11-202122.029Circular walk from Tewkesbury to Mythe Bridge, down River Severn to Haw Bridge on Western side then return on Eastern side.
Rhayader15-11-20219.5610Ascent of Pen y Garn from The Arch near Cwmystwyth. Straightforward ascent via a forest track followed by a tough final half mile through deep heather and no path. Visibility non existent with low mist all day.
Rhayader15-11-202118.0645Ascent of Gorllwyn (613m) and Drygarn Fawr (645m) from the South end of Caban Coch reservoir. Poor conditions with low mist all day.
Cleeve Hill06-11-202113.0316Cleeve Hill Golf Club to Belas Knapp following the Cotswold Way and return along the Winchcombe Way via the summit of Cleeve Hill.
Peak District22-10-202111.0248Lathkill Dale and return from Monyash.
Peak District21-10-202125.0348Matlock via High Tor to the High Peak Trail. Up to Middleton Top then return via the Limestone Way and Bonsall.
Peak District20-10-202122.0317Ashbourne to Dovedale, along Dovedale and up to Ilam Tops, then return to Dovedale via Bunster Hill, Dovedale and back along the Tissington Trail to Ashbourne.
Lake District01-10-202120.0845Ten peaks bagged in the Buttermere area; Whiteless Pike (660m), Wandope (772m), Grassmoor (852m), Sand Hill (756m), Hopegill Head (770m), Hobcarton Crag (739m), Crag Hill (839m), Sail (773m), Scar Crags (672m), Causey Pike (637m). 1300m of ascent. Very cold and windy all day with some serious showers.
Lake District29-09-202122.5943Ascent of Catstycam (890m), Helvellyn (950m), Raise (883m), Greenside (795m), Hart Crag (756m), Stybarrow Dodd (843m), Watson Dodd (789m), Great Dodd (857m).
Long Mynd28-08-202129.5514Church Stretton tour of Long Mynd taking several of the hills that comprise the top. Hot day. For future reference, direct routes are largely impossible in the summer due to the undergrowth.
Glen Isla10-08-202115.5439From Cairnhill Lodge out to Loch Shandra and Auchintaple Loch and return. Mostly good forest tracks but some cross country.
Gloucestershire30-07-202113.5295St Kenelms Way Part 3. From Great Comberton to Dumbleton via Bredon Hill. Miserable weather all day but completed in under 3 hours.
Berwyns18-07-20215.0646One final peak to round off a weekend of climbing; Foel Cwn-Sian Llwd (648m)
Berwyns17-07-202120.0662Three peaks climbed in glorious sunshine again; Pen y Boncyn Trefeilw (646m), Stac Rhos (630m), Y Groes Fagl (659m)
Berwyns16-07-202125.0823Twelve Peaks in glorious sunshine; Moel Sych (827m), Cadair Berwyn (South Top) (830m), Cadair Berwyn 827m), Cadair Bronwen (784m),
Pen-y-bryn (700m), Tomle (741m), Foel Wen (690m), Foel Wen (South Top) (687m), Mynydd Tarw (681m), Godor (679m), Godor North Top (675m), Moel yr Ewig (695m)
Gloucestershire10-07-202116.031Gloucestershire Nature Reserve to the River Severn and along the Severn to Tewkesbury.
Arans30-05-202123.0896Seven Peaks bagged; Glasgwm 779m, Gawain Llwyn 685m, Aran Fawddwy 905m, Erw y Ddafad ddu 872m, Aran Benllyn 885m, Gawain Lydan 632m, Pen yr Allt Uchaf 620m
Arans29-05-202123.0671Seven peaks bagged; Moel y Cerrig Duon.      625m, Foel y Geifr. 626m Trum y Gwrgedd. 612m, Foel Goch. 613m, Foel Rudd. 659m, Esgeiriau Gwynion. 671m, Llechwedd Du. 614m
Arans28-05-20214.5685Ascent of Pen y Bryn-fforchog from the A470. Hard start from the road, but eases once on the first ridge.
Worcestershire07-05-202122.068Part 2 of St Kenelms Way from Himbleton to Great Comberton.
Worcestershire01-05-202121.030Following the Severn Way from Upton to Deerhurst south of Tewkesbury. Easy walking on a nice warm Spring morning.
Worcestershire02-04-202131.5311Part 1 of St Kenelms Way from Romsley to Himbleton.
Gloucestershire27-03-202117.5262Tewkesbury to Winchcombe following the Gloucestershire Way
Oxenton Hill13-03-202114.0258Starting at Nottingham Hill, followed the Winchcombe Way to the foot of Oxenton Hill, summited and then descend to Oxenton and followed the Gloucestershire Way to Tewkesbury.
Bredon Hill14-02-202113.0293Beckford to Bredon Hill summit and return
Lake District01-10-202014.0710Carrock Fell (660m), High Pike (658m), Hare Stones (627m), Great Lingy Hill (616m) and Knott (710m).
Lake District29-09-202018.0931Ascent of Longside (734m), Carl Side (746m), Skiddaw (931m), Little Man (865m), Sale How (666m) and Lonscale Fell (715m) and return to Keswick.
Lake District26-09-202026.0868From Threlked over Gategill Fell (851m) and onto Blencathra (868m), then a descent to Scales Tarn for the Sharp Edge scramble onto Atkinson Pike (845m) and over to Bowscale Fell (702m). Return to Keswick via the Cumbria Way passing Skiddaw House.
Gloucestershire06-09-202016.0323Bishops Cleeve over Cleeve Hill to Belas Knapp and return following Cotswold Way.
Gloucestershire21-03-202017.6311Bishops Cleeve via Cleeve Hill, Nottingham Hill and Oxtenton Hill, then follow Glouestershire Way to Tewkesbury. Very wet and muddy. Windy on the tops.
Clent Hills06-03-202020.0306Over Clent Hills to Romsley, then a couple of hours on the St Kenelms Way before retracing my steps back again. Good walking, good paths.
Peak District09-02-202014.9217Ashbourne to Thorpe via Tissington Trail, then to Dovedale and steps. Return following River Dove and back over to Tissington Trail and return. Storm Ciara was in full force!
Malvern Hills27-12-201926.5403Clock tower over North Hill and Malvern Beacon. Low level to British Camp, then Eastnor Park and the Obelisk, returning via Hangmans, the Camp, Jubilee Hill and a second ascent of the Malvern Beacon.
Brecon Beacons06-12-201918.5728From the Storey Arms over Fan Fawr, the reservoir, Fan Llia, Roman Road into Sarn Helen and Fan Frynych via the Waterfall climb.
Malvern Hills22-11-201923.4405From the clock tower over End Hill, North Hill, Malvern Beacon to British Camp and through Eastnor then return via British Camp again, ridge and a second ascent of Malvern Beacon. Poor weather and poor visibility.
Brecon Beacons05-10-20198.0267Four waterfalls walk. Very pleasant walk with the only up/down being to the waterfalls themselves. Easy walking, no need for a map, just follow the signposts.
Ridgeway28-09-201924.0258Final leg from Wendover to Ivinghoe Beacon. Undulating with no real climbs. Ivinghoe Beacon is a long 3 1/2 mile slog from Tring Station in mixed terrain, starting in woodland, then out onto open ground.
Ridgeway27-09-201929.0258Watlington to Wendover. Interesting section with plenty of variety and a few good hills to climb including Kop Hill and Coombe Hill.
Ridgeway 26-09-201928.0217Streatley to Watlington. Mixed terrain with lots of woodland and some long drags. Changing scenery so maintained interest.
Ridgeway 25-09-201929.0243Sparsholt to Streatley. Fairy flat and uninteresting walking.
Ridgeway24-09-201925.0277Ogbourne to Sparsholt via Waylands Smithy. Good views, inclement weather. Fairly dull straight line track walking.
Ridgeway23-09-201922.1271Avebury to start of Ridgeway then to Ogbourne St George. Easy walking, no real climbs except final loop around Ogbourne but even that wasn’t hard.
Malvern Hills06-09-201925.0403North Hill to Eastnor Obelisk and back to Great Malvern. Along the ridge outbound and on the Easter balcony to return.
Caucasus10-08-201940.04650Attempt on Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia. No summit. Two week expedition.
Arans28-07-201913.0885Ascent of Aran Benllyn from Llanuwchllyn. Followed the ridge line from the village. Very windy and cold at times. Simple navigation - get onto the ridge line and follow it!
Moelwyns27-07-201919.5750Circuit of the Moelwyns taking in Moelwyn Bach (710m), Moelwyn Mawr (770m), Moel yr Hydd (648m), All Fawr (698m), Moel Druman (676m) and Cnicht (689m).
Snowdonia26-07-201927.31085Ascent of Snowdon via Snowdon Ranger path, descent to Pen-y-Pass via the Miners and second ascent of Snowdon via the Watkin Path and Y Lliwedd.
Brecon Beacons28-06-20198.2729Ascent of Fan Llia from the Storey Arms. Far side and down to the stream then return via devious route.
Brecon Beacons28-06-20197.5866Ascent of Pen y Fan via Corn Ddu from the Storey Arms. Excellent weather but very windy.
Peak District14-06-201922.0606Snake Pass over Mill Hill and down to Kinder Reservoir. Circuit of the reservoir then up onto Kinder Scout via a direct route to Kinder Downfall and scramble to the right. Return following Pennine Way to Mill Hill and retrace path to Snake Pass.
Gloucestershire31-05-201921.0308Bishops Cleeve to Tewkesbury via Cleeve Hill, Nottingham Hill and follow Gloucestershire Way to Tewkesbury.
Snowdonia26-05-201918.0872Plas y Brenin around to the South side of Moel Siabod. Steep walk/scramble to summit. Return down track to Plas y Brenin. Awful weather, very poor visibility.
Snowdonia25-05-201916.01064Ogwen Valley, Pen-y-Ole Wen, Carnedd Dafydd, Carned Llewellyn and return. 972m of ascent in five and a half hours. No rain but no visibility on the summits.
Snowdonia24-05-201939.01085Ogwen Valley, Tryfan, Glyders, Pen-y-Pass, Crib Goch, Crib-y-Ddysgl, Elidr Fawr. Total of 2,700m of ascent and 13 hours walking. Reasonable weather, no rain, but low cloud on most summits.
Cleeve Hill17-05-201916.5320Bishops Cleeve to Rising Sun then undulating route to Belas Knapp. Return close to TV masts and summit. Back down to Bishops Cleeve
Gloucestershire06-05-201924.169Final leg of the Three Choirs Way from Chase End Hill to Gloucester. Mostly flat easy country walking.
Worcestershire03-05-201933.5405Three Choirs Way from Worcester to the South end of the Malvern Hills. Mixed walking including the Old Hills and the full length of the Malvern Hills.
Mid-Wales21-04-201924.1758Nantcon direct ascent of Rhinog Fawr (720m). Steep descent on random rock/scrub and ascent of Rhinog Fach (712m). Steep descent to lake and ascent of Y Llethr (756m) followed by Diffwys (750m) and finally Craig y Gruf (588m) and descent to Barmouth.
Mid-Wales19-04-201924.1872Cadair Idris (872m) via Minfford Path and direct from Llyn Cau. Out to Mynydd Moel (863m) and return. Down to Cyfrwy (811m) and Carnedd Lwyd ans Tyrrau Mawr (661m). Via two minor peaks and down to Barmouth.
Lake District14-04-201924.1762Grasmere to Helm Crag then Gibson Knott up onto Greenup Edge. High Raise, Thunacar Knott then over to Pike of Stickle and Harrison Stickle then return via Sergeant Man, Codale Head and drop down to Easdale Tarn and onwards down to Grasmere. Weather excellent again but high wind and very cold.
Lake District13-04-201922.5950Glenridding via Helvellyn YH to Catstycam via North East ridge. Then Swirral Edge onto Helvellyn and walk out to Great Dodd via Lower Man, Whiteside, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd, Watson's Dodd and return to Sticks Pass then down to Helvellyn YH again and return to Glenridding.
Lake District12-04-201920.9873Glenridding to St Sundays Crag, Fairfield and Hart Crag and return via Patterdale. Excellent weather but cold and windy.
Worcestershire30-03-201925.7142Three Choirs Way from Stanford Bishop to Worcester. Nice first section including a nice ascent of Ankerdine Hill. Good views over the Malverns. Tedious final section into Worcester and to the Cathedral. Excellent weather.
Herefordshire29-03-201932.2188Three Choirs Way from Hereford to Stanton Bishop. Initially very tedious section out of Hereford to Lugwardine, then improved to Stanford Bishop. No big climbs and easy country walking.
Herefordshire16-03-201924.1223Much Marcle to Hereford on the Three Choirs Way.
Gloucestershire15-03-201932.2132Gloucester to Much Marcle on the Three Choirs Way.
Peak District01-03-201925.7304Ilam to Dovedale, 2 x Ascent of Thorp Cloud, the Dovedale to Milldale, cross to Manifold Valley via Stanshope, Wetton and Thors Cave and return.
Black Mountains15-02-201927.4809Crickhowell to Table Mountain, Pen Cerrig, Pen Allt Mawr, down to valley then ascent of Waun Fach (1200' of direct ascent). Return via Pen y Gadair, Pen Twyn and Llanbedr.
Gloucestershire03-02-201925.7330Winchcombe, over Cleeve Hill. Nottingham Hill and Overton Hill to Tewkesbury
Gloucestershire01-02-201933.8330Tewkesbury to Oxenton Hill (225m), Nottingham Hill (278m) and Cleeve Hill (330m), return via Stoke Orchard and Fiddington.
Peak District20-01-201925.7606Castleton to Mam Tor via Cave Dale. Hollins Cross and Kinder Plateau via Grindsbrook. Across to Jacobs Ladder and return via Hollins Cross.
Peak District18-01-201916.1287Ashbourne along Tissington Trail to Mapleton. Pick up the River Dove to the Stepping Stones. Double ascent of Thorp Cloud and return via Thorp Village and the Tissington Trail.
Gloucestershire Way27-12-201819.3270Tewkesbury to Malvern Hills following the Malvern Link extension to the Gloucestershire Way. Mostly flat with a final ascent of the Malvern Hills to meet the Three Choirs Way at Hangmans Hill
Brecon Beacons14-12-201819.3886Storey Arms to Fan Frynych then steep route up onto Corn Du, Pen-y-Fan and direct descent to Storey Arms. Estimated temperature around -10 on the summit of Pen-y-Fan.
Brecon Beacons17-11-201820.9734The sun shone all day and the cloud cleared quickly. I parked up at the Storey Arms and headed West up Fan Fawr, followed by Dringarth and Fan Nedd, returning via the Roman Road to Sarn Helen and an ascent of Fan Frynych before walking following parallel to the A470.
Himalaya (Chukhung Ri)30-10-201812.95546Again a short walk to the start of the climb of Chukhung Ri. The summit can be seen from some distance but there is a flat section that seems to add a lot to the climb. The final section is over boulders and past cairns to the summit. Around two hours up and an hour down. Fantastic views from the summit of the Lhotse wall beyond.
Himalaya (Longma La)29-10-201811.35528Lobuche to Chukhung via the Kongma La. Probably the hardest of all three passes, coming as it does on consecutive hard days. The route initially crosses the Khumbu Glacier over uneven ground, then heads very steeply and relentlessly uphill. On the downward side it is also quite steep in places and tough going.
Himalaya (Kala Patthar)28-10-20189.75643Ascent of Kala Patthar which starts at Gorak Shep. Around two hours to the summit and a further hour down. It is a steep climb but well worth it. Afterwards trekked to Lobuche along easy tracks.
Himalaya (EBC)27-10-201816.15364Trek from Lobuche to Gorakshep then out to Everest Base Camp and return to Gorakshep. The going is steady to Gorakshep, then really hard out to EBC and seems even harder coming back.
Himalaya (Cho La)25-10-201816.15420Crossing of the Cho La from Dragnag to Dzongla. Five Hours up and four hours down. Serious climb and one of the toughest on the tour.
Himalaya (Gokyo Ri)24-10-201812.95357Ascent of Gokyo Ri starts almost outside the Lodge. Tough climb took approx 2 hours up and one hour down, followed by a trek to Dragnag across the Ngozumba Glacier.
Himalaya (Renjo La)22-10-201812.95360Renjo La pass as part of walk from Renjo Lake to Gokyo. Total walk time, 6.5 hours
Himalaya19-10-20189.74300Part ascent of Kapsale. Summit is 5,583m. Climb done as acclimatisation walk.
Malvern Hills30-09-201824.1425Old Hills to Malvern. North Hill, Malvern Beacon and all hills down to Chase End Hill. Five Hours walking time.
Peak District09-09-201812.9632Ascent of North Kinder Scout from Snake Inn, along ridge and return. Good route and quiet with a stiff climb onto the ridge.
Peak District07-09-201819.3270Ashbourne to River Dove very a Tissington Trail then up to Dovedale. Ascent of Thorp Cloud. Return via Thorpe and long swing around to Swinscoe Hill then retrace route.
Severn Way27-08-201824.1600Hafron Forest to the Source of the River Severn then back and onto Llanidloes to complete the Severn Way walk.
Severn Way25-08-201816.1212Llanidloes to Caersws. Lovely section of the Way with a few ups and downs but nothing serious mostly easy farmland tracks and trails.
Gloucestershire Way18-08-201864.4296Chepstow to Gloucester section of the Way. Wild camped at 5 miles and on May Hill at 27 miles. Good weather, dry and reasonably sunny.
Upton to Callow End10-08-201816.1115From Upton to Callow End using public footpaths. Mostly easy flat walking but one or two uphill sections to test the legs. Fully loaded rucsac weighing in at 17kg
Malvern to Upton20-07-201825.7413Malvern Link via North Hill, Beacon, Wyche Cutting, British Camp and Hangmans Hill. Cross Welland Common and footpaths to Upton.
Gloucestershire Way06-07-201841.8173Walk from Stow on the Wold to Tewkesbury via Winchcombe which covered the final two sections of the Way. Seriously hot and very tired at the end!
Snowdonia23-06-20188.0812Pen-y-Pass ascent of Crib Goch direct. Left of Pyg Track up direct arete then across to the foot of the Crib Goch traverse. Descent from Col before Crib-y-Dysgyll to further up Pyg Track and return.
Gloucestershire Way17-03-201819.3100From Parkend to Drybrook Railway Station and return.
Gloucestershire Way22-06-201830.6134Walk from Coberley to Stow on the Wold. Total time; 6 hours.
Lake District06-05-201825.7959Day 3 - Little Stand (740m), Crinkle Crags (859m) and Bowfell (866m) via Hardknot Pass from Eskdale.
Lake District05-05-201820.9964Day 2 - Scafell (964m) and Symonds Knot (959m) via Lords Rake from Eskdale.
Lake District04-05-201820.9950Day 1 - Helvellyn (950m) via Striding Edge, Dollywagon (858m) and Nethermost Pike (891m).
Black Mountains14-04-201812.9575Waun Fach from Northern side
North Wales02-04-201820.91064Carnedds: Drum (770m), Foel Fras (942m), Garnedd Uchaf (926m), Foel Grach (976m), Llewellyn (1064m) to Ogwen Valley
Severn Way23-03-201864.40Caersws to Welshpool then Welshpool to Shrawardine. 2 Days total duration
Gloucestershire Way09-03-201830.6285Coberley to Gloucester via Crickley Hill
Severn Way09-02-201838.60Oldbury on Severn to Severn Beach then into Bristol
Peak District27-01-201819.3437Hope to Win Hill, then Hope to Lose Hill and return
Peak District26-01-201837.0610Kinder Scout, Great Ridge, Kinder Scout Eastern across to Downfall and return via Rushup Edge
Black Mountains31-12-201729.0861Black Mountains Loop. Llanthony Priory to Hay Bluff and return via Hereford Knob and Cape-y-Ffin
Malvern15-12-201738.6425Malvern to Tewkesbury via Malvern Hills, Welland, Upton and River Severn, North Hill, Beacon and British Camp then to Upton via Welland and River Severn.
Brecon Beacons01-12-201722.5734Western side to Fan Nedd and return. Fan Fawr, Fan Llia, Fan Dringarth, Fan Nedd and Fan Frynych
Kinder Scout11-11-201716.1610Ascent of Kinder Scout from Upper Booth via Jacobs Ladder to Kinder Downfall and return.
Severn Way03-11-201714.50Worcester to Grimley along to the river and return.
Kinder Scout06-10-201716.1610Ascent of Kinder Scout from Edale via Grindsbrook. Walk to Kinder downfall then return via path to Edale Rocks and descent via Jacobs Ladder
Tanzania21-09-201748.35895Ascent of Kilimanjaro via Western Breach. 7 Days total duration
Tanzania16-09-201741.84566Ascent of Little Meru and Meru Peak. 5 Days total duration
Lathkill Dale13-08-20179.70Monyash along Lathkill Dale and return. Descent of the Dale from the Monyash side and return via same route. Easy path
Kinder Scout12-08-201712.9550Kinder Scout from Snake Pass
Snowdon30-07-201716.11085Ascent of Snowdon (1085m) and return via the Snowdon Ranger Path
Glyders29-07-201719.31001Glyders Loop; Ascent of Tryfan (915m) North Ridge then Gylder Fawr (999m) and Glyder Fach (994m) return via Devils Kitchen
Kinder Scout16-07-201711.3550Kinder Scout from Snake Pass; Kilimanjaro Training Weekend
Cleeve Hill01-07-201719.3330Cleeve Hill loop via Nottingham Hill to Belas Knapp and Winchcombe to Hailes Abbey
Brecon Beacons29-05-201719.3886Fan Llia (632m) loop around to Pen-y-Fan (886m) and Corn Ddu (873m)
Severn Way18-03-201729.00Shrewsbury area. From the A5 East of Shrewsbury to Wilcott West of Shrewsbury.
Mam Tor12-02-201712.9517Edale to Hollins Cross and Mam Tor along Rushup Edge and return
Kinder Scout11-02-201724.1636Edale via Jacobs Ladder to Kinder Downfall and return
Severn Way24-09-201629.00Highley to Grimley. Mostly off road and mostly follows the river. Dull in places but nice villages on the way.
Winchcombe Way29-08-201635.4870Eastern Loop. Start and finish in Winchcombe. Sudeley Hill, Guiting, Ford, Snowshill, Stanton, Hailes.
Severn Way09-04-201627.40Ironbridge to Highley. Better section than the Northern part to Shrewsbury. Mostly off road which is nice.
Winchcombe Way25-03-201633.8730Loop around Cleeve Hill, Winchcombe and Dumbleton. Start and finish at Hobnails Inn.
Black Mountains29-12-201524.1680Twmpa:Start and finish at Llanthony Priory via Bal Mawr (607m), Twmpa(680m), Hay Bluff (677m)
Dolomites22-09-201511.32000Ascent of Col Alt from Corvara. Easy going on a decent path but steep in places. Cafe at the summit which was closed!
Dolomites21-09-20156.42500Via Ferrata. Ascent of Brigata Tridentina. Excellent Via Ferrata but harder than I recall. Fantastic finish across the bridge. Total vertical ascent is 550m. Descent is via the Pisciadu Climbing path which is a graded Via Ferrata in its own right.
Dolomites20-09-201516.13152Ascent of Piz Boe
Severn Way15-08-201532.20Ironbridge to Shrewsbury. Not a nice section with a lot of road work. Shame really.
Lake District08-06-20159.7700Pavey Ark, Jacks Rake Scramble Grade 1. Excellent scramble but quite exposed in places.
Lake District07-06-201520.9977Langdale to Scafell Pike; Langdale via Esk Hause (885m) and Ill Crag (935m) to Scafell Pike (978m) and return.
Lake District06-06-20158.0736Langdale Valley; Pike of Stickle (709m) and Harrisons Stickle (736m)
Tenerife20-04-201522.53718Ascent of Teide Volcano
Tenerife23-10-201412.92748Ascent of Montana Blanca
Shropshire01-02-201416.1459Church Stretton to Caer Caradoc. Ascent of Caer Caradoc (459m) from Church Stretton.
Lake District06-10-201322.5690Great Calva, Bassenthwaite to Little Calva (642m) then to Great Calva and return via Skiddaw YH.
Lake District04-10-201322.5977Scafell Pike (977m). Scafell Pike from Seathwaite via Sty Head and Corridor Route.
Black Mountains26-08-201324.1713Llanthony Priory to Hay Bluff, Twmpa and return, Hattershall Hill (605m), Hay Bluff (677m), Twmpa )680m), Rhos Dirion (713m), Bal Mawr (607m).
Three Peaks21-06-201340.2344Three Peaks Event. Ben Nevis(1, 344m), Scafell Pike(978m), Snowdon (1085m)
Black Mountains15-06-201329.0811Three Peaks Training. Black Mountains Roundabout reversed except Mynydd Troedd.
Brecon Beacons01-06-201320.9886Three Peaks Training, Corn Ddu (873m), Pen-y-Fan (886m), Cribyn x 2 (795m), Fan-y-Byg, Neuadd Reservoir. 1600m total ascent
Malverns27-05-201324.1485Three Peaks Training. North Hill, Beacon, Pinnacle Hill, British Camp, Hangmans Hill and return. 1200m total ascent
Cotswolds03-05-201364.4315Winchcombe Way, Winchcombe Way figure of 8 loop. Start/End at Hobnails. Day 1: 17 miles to temple Guiting. Day 2: 14 miles to Winchcombe. Day 3: 11.5 miles to Hobnails.
Peak District23-02-201316.1450Western Loop Winter, Cave Dale, Eldon Quarry, Winnats Pass, Castleton, Hollins Cross, Castleton
Brecon Beacons03-02-201337.0551Tor y Foel and Cefn yr Ystrad, Llangynidr to Tor y Foel to Ystrad and return via Mynydd Llangynidr.
Limestone Way18-12-201296.5457Uttoxeter to Castleton, Day 1: Uttoxeter to Thorpe. Day 2: - Flagg. Day 3: - Castleton
Malvern12-12-201219.3425Malvern Hills, Malvern to Ledbury via Malvern Hills and Eastnor Park
Peak District10-09-201148.3633Mam Tor, Kinder Scout, Lose Hill. Day 1 ascent of Mam Tor (517m) from Castleton. Day 2 ascent of Kinder Scout from Edale (633m). Day 3 Lose Hill to Mam Tor and return to Castleton
Black Mountains20-12-200924.1596Ysgyrd Fawr and Sugar Loaf, Abergavenny loop via Ysgyrd Fawr (486m) and Sugar Loaf (596m).
Black Mountain19-02-200614.5635Tour of Black Mountain (Garreg Lwyd ) lower slopes, Garreg Lwyd (616m), Foel Fraith (602m), Garreg Las (635m). Return via Cefn y Cylchau (556m).
Black Mountains06-01-200648.3810South Black Mts bivvy w/e. Abergavenny, Sugar Loaf, Waun Fach. Return via Table Mountain, Crickhowell and canal. 3 Days total duration
Mid Wales31-12-200529.0854Arenig Fawr and Moel llyfnant. From Rhiw Felin cottage via Ffrid (500m) to Arenig Fawr Ridge taking in two other peaks. Drop down valley and up onto Moel Llyfnant and return.
Mid-Wales30-12-20059.7670Cribin Fawr, Waun Oer, Ascent of Cribin Fawr from the A470. On to Waun Oer, return same route.
Peak District07-10-200548.3630Kinder Scout area, Hartington, Wolfscotedale, Tour of Kinder via reservoir. Kinder to Bleaklow and return. Hartington, Wolfscotedale and Tissington trail. 3 Days total duration
Black Mountains24-09-200532.2800Cwmdu to Mynydd Llysiau then Chwarel y Fan and return Llanbedr. Ascent of Pen Alt Mawr (719m) Llysiau (663m) to Pen-y-Gadair (800m), up Chwarel (670m), return via Bal Mawr, Crug Mawr
Northern Carnedds19-02-200519.3942Aber Falls to Llwytmor, Foel Fras and Drosgl. From Aber falls to Llwytmor (849m), Foel Fras (942m), Bera Mawr (794m) and Bera Bach (807m), finally Drosgl (758m) and return to Aber Falls.
Black Mountains17-07-200417.7713Hay Bluff, Twmpa, Rhos Dirion, Hay Bluff to Twyn Llech forest, Twmpa and Rhos Dirion ridge and return via Twmpa andB Hay Bluff
Brecons Beacons24-04-200417.7810Black Mountains Roundabout, 25 miles including Crug Mawr(550m), Pen-y-Gadair(800m), Waun Fach(810m), Mynydd Troad(609m), Pen Tir(450m), Pen Allt Mawr(719m), Table Mountain (430m)
Peak District25-02-200469.2636Start of Pennine Way. Kinder via reservoir and William Clough, (636m), Bleaklow (633m), Black Hill (582m), White Hill Kinder Mill Hill. 3 Days total duration
Peak District20-02-200441.8636Castleton/Kinder Scout. Castleton, Mam Tor (517m), Hollins Cross (430m), Kinder Downfall, Mill Hill (544m). Return via Kinder Scout and Grindsbrook. Bivvy. 2 Days total duration
Black Mountain30-12-200327.4802Brecon Beacons (West). Circular route from Pont Ar Wysg via Foel Darw (424m), Moel Fiety (591m), Fan Hir (750m), Fan Brycheiniog (802m), Picws Du (749m), Bryn Mawr (457m). 7 hours including stops.
Brecon Beacons03-05-200332.2886Brecon Beacons (West) (Bivvy). Day 1: Fan Fawr(734m), Fan Dringarth (617m), Fan Llia(632m), Fan Nedd (663m), Fan Gyhirych(725m). Day 2: Fan Frynych (629m), Corn Du (873m), Pen-y-Fan(886m). 2 Days total duration
Peak District05-05-200319.3310Dovedale and Manifold Valley. Along Dovedale to Milldale then cross country to Wetton. To Thors Cave then along Manifold Valley and return via Ilam. 7.5 hours including stops
Black Mountains28-03-200340.2810Black Mountains Roundabout including Crug Mawr(550m), Pen-y-Gadair(800m), Waun Fach(810m), Mynydd Troad(609m), Pen Tir(450m), Pen Allt Mawr(719m), Table Mountain (430m)
Malvern Hills22-02-200316.1397Malvern-Ledbury via hills; Home to North Hill, Sugar Loaf then Western side of Beacon to Wyche. Stay on West to British camp. Ridgeway to Eastnor Park then Conigree into Ledbury. 5hrs 30mins.
Brecon Beacons12-01-200327.4886Talybont to Pen-y-fan and return via Pant-Y-Criegiau. From Tal-y-bont reservoir onto AlltLwyd (654m). Up to Waun Rydd (769m) then follow ridge to Pen-y-Fan. Return to Bwlch-y-fan and follow track past reservoir to road. Cross and onto Pant-y-Creigiau(565m). Along ridge and down to reservoir and return to car. Snow on ground above 500m.
Black Mountains15-12-200222.5596Blorenge from Abergavenny and then onto Sugar Loaf via Gilwern and return to Abergavenny.
Brecon Beacons26-05-200222.5886The Fan Dance as previous Brecons day plus Corn Ddu to round off the list. Dreadful weather.
Black Mountains20-02-200232.2811Black Mountains Roundabout from Crickhowell ascend Crug Mawr, then onto Waun Fach. Descend to Pengefford, then an ascent of Mynnydd Troed and Mynnydd Llangorse and finally descend to Pentre. 8 Hrs
Brecon Beacons17-04-200229.0886The Fan Dance; Ascent of Fan-y-Big (719m) from the North (Llanfrynach) then Cribyn (795m) and onto Pen-y-Fan (886m), return via Fan-y-Big. 6Hrs
Scotland13-02-200216.1907Torridon. Ascent of Fuar Tholl via East Ridge. Snow ridge above Choire onto summit then across to subsidiary summit and return
Scotland12-02-200219.3958Torridon. Ascent of Spidean a Choire Leith. Ascent of Spidean from Glen Cottage to descend to Choire for ice climb. 9 Hrs total
Scotland: 11-02-200212.91054Torridon. Ascent of Liathach. Finished peak after ice climb then gully descent. 9Hrs total
Ben Nevis10-02-200219.31344Ascent of Ben Nevis via tourist route. Walking ascent of Ben Nevis. Snow line at approx 900m. Very cold and windy on the summit.
French Alps08-12-200116.12500Chamonix. Ascent to Lac Blanc; Walk up from Argentiere to Lac Blanc. Snow line at 1750m. Deep snow at 2000m.
Snowdonia18-11-200112.91064Ascent of Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m) via reservoir,From A5 to reservoir and summit of Amphitheatre buttress then to Llewelyn and descent via Craig Lugwy
Snowdonia17-11-200119.31085Ascent of Snowdon via Clogwyn-Y-Person arete. Descent via Crib Goch and North Ridge,Grade 2/3 scramble via 1.5 hr walk in. Scramble required then walk up via Crib-Y-Dysgyl. Descent via Crib Goch and North Ridge: 8 hrs
Peak District22-09-200148.3633Edale/Ladybower, Alport Moor, Kinder Scout, Bivvy weekend. 18 miles day 1 from Upper Booth over Hollins Cross, Ladybower and over Rowlee and Alport to Rough Bank. Day 2, 12 miles over Kinder in mist to return via Edale.
Bernese Oberland29-08-200119.33235Switzerland. Hollandia Hut. Ascent to Hollandia hut en route to Abeni Flue but bad weather caused us to descend. Glacier walk approx 6 hours up and 4 hours down. 2 Days total duration
Bernese Oberland26-08-200119.32970Switzerland. Schilthorn,Climb from Murren, approx 3 hours to summit then 3.5 hours descent via alternate route. Steady walk on good paths
Bernese Oberland23-08-200116.12926Switzerland. Konkordia Hut and Eggishorn. Descent from Konkordia then climb Eggishorn from the edge of the glacier
Bernese Oberland21-08-200116.13300Switzerland. Konkordia hut and Kranzberg. Walk up to hut from Fiesch upper lift. 2-3 hours to the glacier then 4.5 hours to the hut. Day 2 onto the Kranzberg. Lots of scree then good snow. Had to retreat due to slow time.
Bernese Oberland20-08-200119.33020Switzerland. Ascent of the Sparrhorn from Belalp. Steady walk increasing in steepness to the summit. Rained most of the afternoon. Good acclimatisation route
Snowdonia14-07-200119.31085North ridge of Crib Goch (923m) via Dinas Mot, Crib Goch East Ridge, Crib-y-dysgyl (1065m), Snowdon (1085m) and Llewyd (898m). Classic Snowdon horseshoe plus North ridge of Crib Goch
Snowdonia03-06-200114.5947Ascent of Y-Garn (947m) direct from Llyn Idwal. Direct ascent rather than using paths. Required grade 1 scrambling on second half. Superb day and views
Snowdonia02-06-200116.1999Tryfan via Heather Terrace, Bristly Ridge, Glyders, descent via Devils Kitchen. The usual misty day with no views. All done from memory rather than the map
South America26-01-200180.56959Ascent of Aconcagua via the False Polish Route. 30 Days in total, reching the summit on 14th February as one of 7 summitteers from a team of 16. Full Report is on the Previous Expeditions page.
South Wales05-11-200022.5677Black Mountains loop Including Hattershall Hill, Hay Bluff and Bal-Mawr. Included a wild camp. 2 Days total duration
South Wales21-10-200029.0810Black Mountains loop including Table Mountain, Pen Allt-Mawr (720m) and Waun Fach (810m) plus overnight Wild Camp. 2 Days total duration
Snowdonia07-10-200012.9999Tryfan, Glyders, Pen-y-Pass. Part of the Aconcagua Training for the team
Dolomites07-09-20009.72778Fanis. Kleiner Lagazuoi Rock Tunnel. Mostly a caving experience with the occasional foray into the open. A nice gallery takes one around the mountain at half height.
Dolomites01-09-200012.92733Bec de Mesdi. Via delle Trincee (Grade f). Another good quality Via Ferrata with a hard start and the need to be connected for much of the route. Includes tunnels so a torch is useful.
Dolomites30-08-200016.12166Col Rosa. Via Ferrata Ettore Bovero (Group e);A tough walk in to the start which seems to be higher than expected. The VF itself is excellent but given the starting height is shorter than I would have liked.
Dolomites29-08-20004.82477Hexenstein Protected path. Really only a descent route after climbing the Hexenstein.
Dolomites28-08-200011.32583Via Ferrata Brigata Tredentina (Grade d). Excellent Via Ferrata on good solid rock. Only the first section really required connection to the wire
Peak District19-08-200019.3630Aconcagua selection day;Kinder Scout area. age 12 miles.
Snowdonia01-07-200040.21085Welsh 3000s; All 14 Welsh 3000s from Pen-y-Pass to Foel Fras in the Carnedds with Cameron Speirs. Started at 4:00am. Finished at 7:30pm.
Isle of Skye02-06-200016.1993Sgurr Alasdair via Great Stone Shoot; Cuillin Ridge to An Doras and return to Glen Brittle. Six Munros were climbed: Sgurr Alasdair (992m), Sgurr Mhic Choinnich (948m), Inaccessible Pinnacle (986m), Sgurr na Banachdich (965m), Sgurr aGhreadaidh (973m), Sgurr aMhadaidh (918m) along the Cuillin Ridge. The return route was along An Doras to Glen Brittle.
Isle of Skye01-06-200022.5986Ascent of Inaccessible Pinnacle from Glen Brittle. The ascent was wet and misty all day. Visibility down to less than 20m. We had trouble locating the path and made our own way up and down.
Isle of Skye29-05-200019.3965Ascent of Sgurr nan Gillean via Pinnacle Ridge. Descent via Normal Route
Snowdonia10-11-199916.1999Glyders horseshoe; From Ogwen Valley over Tryfan, Glyder Fach, Glyder Fawr and return via Gribben Ridge
Black Mountains24-04-199940.2810Black Mountains Roundabout; Includes most of the highest peaks in the Black Mountains.
Cadair Idris21-02-199916.1893Summit via Mynydd Pencoed, descent via Pony Path
Worcestershire Way02-01-199916.1300Malvern to Ankerdine and return; Day walk along the Way
Black Mountains12-12-199819.3531Pandy to Llanthony Priory and return; Follow Offas Dyke to Llanthony then return via low Level route
Brecon Beacons15-03-199724.1886Storey Arms loop via Pen-y-Fan and reservoir culminating in an ascent of Pen-y-Fan.
Black Mountains20-02-199724.1703Llanthony to Offas Dyke ridge; Hay Bluff high Level route following Offas Dyke to Hay Bluff and return via Bal Mawr
Swiss Alps18-07-199616.14000Ascent of the Matterhorn to 4000 metres - had to abandon due to a blizzard. 2 Days total duration
French Alps16-07-19969.73512Chamonix. Petite Aguille Verte North West Ridge Ice Route (PD).
French Alps15-07-19969.73512Chamonix. Petite Aguille Verte North West Face (PD).
French Alps21-09-199524.14810Ascent of Mont Blanc via the Normal Route. 2 Days total duration
Worcestershire15-07-199264.4300Worcestershire Way; Kingsford Park to Malvern Hills. 2 Days total duration
Shropshire10-04-199261.15406 Shropshire summits; Corndon Hill, Caer Caradoc, Long Mynd, Stipperstones, Titterstone Clee, Brown Clee. 13 Hours total duration
Black Mountains15-12-199116.1662Tretower loop; Tretower to Pen Alt Mawr, Mynydd Llysiau and Mynydd Troed
Northern England20-08-1990300.9775Coast To Coast Way; Robin Hoods Bay to St Bees Head. 14 Days total duration
Cotswolds01-06-1989160.9315Cotswold Way; Bath to Chipping Campden. 5 Days total duration
Black Mountains26-03-198924.15963 Peaks Trial; Ysgyryd Fawr, Sugar Loaf and Blorenge loop. 10 hours total
Yorkshire Moors03-07-198364.4451Lyke Wake Walk; Osmotherley to Robin Hoods Bay. 13 Hours total
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